12min+ queue as DPS

No matter how much you want to defend your 2/2/2, the moment 1 role gets 12min+ queues you know its a garbage system.

Make it ATLEAST 1/2/1 with 2 slots that can switch to whatever they want. Not only fixes it the queue, but it also gives some more variety to those stale 2 2 2 tryhard metas.
Had too many games where my 2 dps hitscans cant kill their phara, mercy once and im like “yea if i could just swap from my healer to a dps and fix this issue this game wouldnt been a stale stomp and waste all our time”.

Limiting everything to 2/2/2 also not only shows the incompetence to balance properly but also takes out about 80% of the fun and makes it some tryhard esports. Ever played Dota2? If they attempted to limit picks to their positions the game would be kinda dead as their are 1000x more ways to play and make strategies with all hero combos available.
Kindergarden overwatch.

Heck if you even allowed 2(1) / 2(3) / 2 you would fix the queue times instantly and not even break the game.


Yeah I do agree with you. This is why I stick to open


Nah… 2/2/2 saved this game. I’ll happily wait the queue times to play the matches I get (significantly more balanced than OQ ever was).

I will concede that OQ is how the game was meant to be played but because of the terrible community that is allowed to play this game, 2/2/2 saves me the headache of having to put up with worse teammates.

If anything I get worse tank players in my games then I do supports or DPS counterparts.

Not everyone in “platinum” are good hitscan players. Most of those clowns are Genji OTPs or junkrat players.


1 Tank / 3 DPS / 2 Supp was on the experimental mode for a while

but it never made it into the game even though players seemed to like it from what I remember

It wasn’t as well received as people thought.


The root of all OW decline. I warned them, I argued against it. Vehemently. Myself and several others “did the math”. But without being whitelisted content creators in the right discords running goats mirror matches for the sake of some 1% meta, why would they listen to us?

222 caused all kinds of balance problems (2/3 of the roles are bribed and few people main/own them; so many hybrid type heroes lose value, see less playtime, can’t deliver enough raw DPS in the coveted DPS slot that takes 12+ mins and no1 can even get practice in on that role). Etc.


lucky i get 15 mins ques for support

Or you could y’know play Open Queue…


The more we spread the player base the longer queue times will get for everyone.

Exactly so rather stick to one mode that doesn’t have roles for the least amount of queue times.

Add in a guild system to fix the 2/2/2 issues n stuff and done! No queue times and everyone is happy.


Liked it? I remember many people actualy disliking it. Me included, it was werid game mode. Its not right to give one role so much power.


What a nonsensical point. You either wait to play the most populated role in the game (you still haven’t told us when and in what rank you got that queue time) at it happens in so many other games out there, or Open Queue is here for you.


Try that in Open Queue if you want.

Ah yes, the classic pre - 2/2/2 role - lock ““flex”” picks, always from Tank/Support to DPS, that would mostly inevitably handicap their teams than actually help overcome whatever situation causing issues.

And despite that, maybe we should actually fix problematic combos like Pharmercy, that have been plaguing this game for years, instead of falsely blaming RQ?

Completely disagreed, but anyways.

Why? Because it’s actually more organized for once and has a more stable patent to work on?


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You can switch in your role and help with pharah. You are kind of missing the point of role q. You are supposed to deal with issues within your role.

Also I dont understand why do you say that there is problem with dps queue times for you and then you say how you play support? Support doesnt have so long queue.

Not to mention that you are free to play open queue where you can play what ever you like and switch to any role. And have lower queue.

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Cause not everybody can play 100% of the hero roster. If youre so fixated on that no switch, maybe they should go further and lock your hero pick for the whole match? The hero swap between all roles was the point of overwatch and made it fun. Thats gone now and lower ranks are still a shi* show.

SURPRISE CAUSE I WANT TO PLAY BOTH ROLES. Supp is terrible at times as well. Plat support, getting 8 min queue times. Too much split up, there needs to be only 1 queue and a minimum of 1 player per role so min 1/1/1 rest open or let ALL play the pure open queue but not split as mostly trolls play the other mode then.

Truth is ever since they introduced the RQ system, the game gone downhill quick. To no surprise as this decision ruined most of what ow stand for aka much bigger queue times, not dedicated people on certain roles, boring meta comps cause of restrictions.

If course it wasnt point if overwatch, role q is played more than open q, so it obviously wasnt point if overwatch.

If you want to switch between roles, you can play open q.

It was going downhill fast before role q. Role q saved competitive.

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In OW 1-2-1 with 2 ‘‘flex’’ means 4 dpses most of the time. Why? Because there simply is so many people who prefer playing DPS, thus the longer queue times. I don’t believe people suddenly would go ‘‘oh I should start flexing now’’ instead of instalocking their preferred DPS hero.

Open queue excists if you like shorter queues. Oh, but you might end up with no tanks or healers… it’s the price you pay the moment people are ‘‘free’’ to pick whatever they want, while also picking whatever you want.


So? It solves the DPS queue problem and gives more variety in team composition. Win Win.

Tbh if there was ONLY open queue id very much prefer that. Atleast its fun and more variety. The only ppl who would truly complain are probably the GMs or top500. But those kind of people always complain and are never satisfied. Catering to those usually ruins the game.

If you think it solves the dps queue problem, how many tank/healer mains do you think would migrate to this queue from other modes? How much does this solution appeal to those two players who are locked in as a tank and healer? Some might enjoy it surely, as some do also enjoy open queue. But I personally can’t see it as a ‘‘hit’’ for those roles.

Open queue was supposed to be a ‘‘hit’’, by many claims before it came back. Some said it’d help with the dps queue issues aswell. Yet we still have these 12min+ dps queues for 222 :thinking: I really doubt any additional mode will ever fix the queue issue, because deep down dps players still want two tanks and healers.

And at this point I feel it is too late to revert back to open queue only.


You can readily wait in LFG and leave the rest of us to fast matches. Quality is always a gamble no matter what you do. But queue times or matches/hour shouldn’t be.

Any locked role handcuffing is prisoncell badjail bunkbeds.
No1 ever picks the bottom bunk so we have to bribe people to bottom.

OPEN+LFG solves all your quality problems, with better queues, fewer bribes, less throwers, and less toxicity. Because options: Less spoonfed structure, less ttk-padded 222 with scripted engages. You have more flanker duels, more map utilization, fewer mirrors and 1off metas, more meta diversity, higher combinatorial skillcap with real-time flex. Etc.

OPEN is just better. It’s popular in KR, where 222 is considered a joke that erased hybrid utility and reduced the roster.

Honestly we need to dig up the pre-role-lock debate threads and witchhunt anyone who actually supported that nonsense.

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Exactly, well said. And it was critical to rework open queue as many players started leaving the game, a lot of tank players actualy. Open q currently is only possible because role q is present. Its still secondary less popular option. And role q is more popular even with long queue times.

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