12 player limit, how is this a thing in 2020?

If there is one thing limiting the potential of arcade, it’s the game’s hardcap limit of 12 players. I understand Blizzard has said that the game is optimized for 12 players, but I still find it weird. Especially in a world where battle royales exist that support 100 players on a massive map. And even an old game like TF2 regularly has 32player matches going on.

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How many heroes do you want and in what mode?

But the problem is space, because more players in game can make games more laggy and harder for each server to keep up. It’s an interesting concept…

Current ow engine can’t support more than 12 it’s also why you can’t select another hero when echo duplicates you. But ow2 will run on a more powerful engine so hopes up for that