1 Year of Workshop + Popular Modes

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for 1 year of Workshop! The passion you creators have shown in the past year has been amazing, and we are constantly blown away by the amazing modes coming out every day.

We’ve come a long way since the launch of Workshop: We’ve added copy/paste for Workshop Scripts and Custom Game Settings, Dummy Bots, Variable Renaming, Autosave, Custom Strings, Workshop Maps, Subroutines, Flow Control, and so much more. And none of this would have been possible without you guys. We’re super excited to bring you more and more updates in the future!

If you haven’t jumped into Workshop yet, this is a perfect time. The community has been creating awesome modes over the past year, and they keep getting better! Here are some of the most popular games currently in Workshop:

Name Code
1v1 Arena TXCXX
Spider Widow 5D4FX
Zombies YNZQS, S35Z1, 2QBQN, MGJ03
Thomas 321Z9
Practice Range 2.2 AJERA
Dodge the Cars PAGTH
Clone Wars 0QJFH
Aim Trainer KAVE5
Boss Fight Z0TV6
Pictionary FH93A
Uno 44H7K
Scrim Lobby TEYSH
Widow 1v1 XQK96
Ana Paintball 1DMTZ

It’s been an incredible experience talking with you creators and being a part of such a great community. Thank you.

If you’re interested in chatting more about Workshop with other creators, check out the Workshop Subforum: Workshop Discussion. We can’t wait to see what popular modes come out next.


UNO, UNO , ok I might try this one. people are so creative. I wish we could have devs care as much about other modes as you guys care about workshop. Great job guys!


I really appreciate the hard work you guys are putting in. Sadly I’m a scrub when it comes to programming.


Where is Reinkart? That’s my favorite mode lol.

But great post and thank you for highlighting lots of great community made modes.


I would love to see a GameJam event


I don’t see infection there…

But this makes up for it

Also this was an amazing addition as it made a lot of fun modes possible


Most interesting. Bring third person mode to Arcade!


Really nice post highlighting stuff the community’s done, but I was kind of hoping this post would culminate with ‘in the future, we’re going to be showcasing more Workshop stuff in the arcade more often’.

That was one of the initial intentions for arcade but all we’ve really seen is the ‘hero gauntlet’ gun game and mirrorred deathmatch.

If you’re feeling so confident and appreciative of these modes, why not highlight them in the actual game client instead of on a forum that only a small portion of the player base actually ever views? I only saw this thread, and these codes, because someone linked them in a discord.


This mode is SO fun I played it for about 2 hours today and yesterday.


I do love me some WarioWare, and TF2Ware was always my favorite community mode

Gotta try OWWare at some point!

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You forgot Mercy 1 punch tho :>

Wow! My Zombies gamemodes are on the top list of the year, and mentioned by a dev… I’m so happy :slight_smile: BTW The most up-to-date codes for zombies are VXHR9 (Horizon), 4YJXQ (Eichenwalde), and Z6ADG (Hollywood).

Thanks for this incredible opportunity, Overwatch team!!! I love making Workshop stuff!

Also, I just realized my Hanamura Dungeon is on there too! (Listed as “Boss Fight”) The newest codes for those boss fights are:

  • Rialto - 3FD3Q
  • Hanamura - K8NCK
  • King’s Row - 88S6B
  • Junkertown - S3HY56
  • Nepal - KK9AF

thank you for giving it to us :smile: it’s one of the best things added to the game


cards against humanity is so much more fun

I am not sure if I am playing your version of zombies or not, but it is definitely my favorite workshop mode. Heck, it is my favorite mode that is not the core game (comp/qp) or the pve stuff. I actually probably prefer it to Uprising even. Either way, I will write those codes down and give them a play, for sure. Perfect for long queues.

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Workshop is certainly one of the most interesting updates added, and one that brings out creativity to the game. Its a wonderful addition

Though, will there be a custom map maker in the future, similar to something like Forge in Halo? The amount of possibilities with that would be insane


Well, actually every version of zombies you see in the workshop was taken from my original, Horizon. I had it out on day 1 of the dummy bot patch, and several people have taken various versions of it and edited them in some way, whether it be changing to a new map, changing the bot’s heroes, or just raising the player limit from 4 to 6. Either way it’s exciting to see that something I made in September still has such a big impact on a game I love :slight_smile:

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Workshop has been such an amazing addition, it’s added far more replayability to the game than anything else so far. I’m terrible at using it, but me and my friends have had hundreds of hours of fun from the modes created from it, I can’t wait to see what people come up with in the future.

My personal favourite modes so far have probably been Thomas, Where is it? and the Colour Dance (my friends all love this one). Huge thanks to the creators of these if you’re reading.

Don’t forget that as of 1.48, you can re-upload your Workshop Scripts/Custom Game Settings to the share codes that you own! If you’ve got updates, make sure to share them so we all get to play! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I’ve been doing that! :slight_smile: I absolutely love that feature, if I forgot one small little thing or need to make a small adjustment, I love being able to just quickly update the code instead of making everyone copy a new one.

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