1-4-1 is the way to go

Hahaha, no…
If you think a tank and healer would want to return to pre role lock. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. you must be mad.

80% of the playerbase is dps, which is why you have longer queue times

1 3 2 is not the solution, as tanks such as myslef would just quit and stop queue times in its tracks.

Even if you buff tanks and healers like mad. You will not satisfy us. Because this would confirm our theory that the game is catered to dps. I mean, it is with the powercreep

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This will never happen, thankfully.

Commenting on a forum post isn’t a high bar for caring.

The statement “I don’t care” contradicts with the amount of attention he’s giving this post.

They would have to buff every support to pre nerf moth Mercy levels.

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Essentially, yes.

The same ““extreme”” buffs that Tanks were supposed to get with 1/2/3??

Yeah, I get where this is going… Let’s just leave these experiments before we make all Healer and especially Tank players that are left to finally quit for the sake of once again, appeasing the extremely privilaged DPS…


I play mostly tank and healer and want everything nerfed back down to earth

I say this as a support main.

You probably shouldn’t have chosen to play an FPS game if you don’t like the shooting element, the main one on which the game is based.

I vote for 1-1-4. :innocent:

And… What does this even have to do with what I’m talking about in the first place?? :thinking::man_facepalming:

You don’t remember what you said?

Yes, I remember very well what I said and I’m afraid that your response has no correlation to it, unless you consider DPS as the only heroes who are in - line with an “FPS” game in Overwatch…

Oh yes, please, do this. Kill the game dead.

Why must support players suffer too?

I don’t see this as suffering. I as a support player would prefer to have my hero overbuffed at the cost of working alone.

The buffs would be nice, though I am more concerned about supports being constantly targeted by DPS.

I feel it might not be fair to have four DPS coming at you at once.

Can you imagine though… moth Mercy or release Brig…

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Instead of creating all sort of combination, just ensure that one team has 1 tank 1 dps and 1 healer. The other 3 position can be whatever you want, so if you select all 3 roles, there is a change that you end up in a game where you can select all 3 roles.

So yeah…how about no.