1-3-2 is everything we need

I think you’ll find that the majority of off-tank players are not in fact queue-dodging DPS players like yourself and that 1-3-2 ruins the game for them.

Almost every Road or Zarya player this season I have seen (that doesnt have a hidden profile) turned out to be a converted DPS main. Again, including myself.

I’m only commenting on my experiences however

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No… it’s not, 2/2/2 is fine. What we “NEED” are less selfish people, that will actually do what is actually needed, and not just dive head first into the DPS pool.

Why? This is a game, not a charity. Fun is the objective.

Why should I spend all game being a moving shield for 5 other people that get to have fun when I can be one of those people having fun instead?

If I want to spectate, I’ll go to Twitch.


For real! Haha!

Instalocking off-tanks complaining about not getting support while halfway across the map from the rest of the team ; or getting so tilted that they scream our DPS players out of the chat or into making nervous mistakes.

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Well again this comes down to, “Do you want to play a game now? Play what’s needed.” or “I wan’t to play DPS. Deal with the Queue.” increasing the number on DPS slots is not going to shorten DPS queues, as many Tank mains will not want to Solo Tank in a 1/3/2 set up, and many have already said if this becomes a thing, “here’s one more DPS for the Queues”. Most Supports can’t, and like tanks many won’t, Solo heal in the other suggested 2/3/1. Adding 1 extra DPS slot, at the cost of the needed roles, is like opening a 2nd teller at the Bank and thinking the Line of 45 people will disappear.

I would be interested in trying 2-3-2, 1-3-2 feels like it will be too much like

Unfortunate that it’ll be 7 players though

The problem with that is people are naturally selfish and self-serving. You can’t just expect people to rewire themselves psychologically to play a role that is overwhelming seen as a chore, a team-dependent position or even referred to as a “garbage role” by a large section of the player-base.

If there’s a line of 45 people at my bank and they DONT have 2 tellers - and this is a regular thing ; I’m going to find myself another bank or at the very least - come back on another day.

Fine, it’s like Spiting into a Dry riverbed and saying you’ve stopped a drought. Better?

I wouldn’t mind 1-3-2 if it meant that tanks in general get buffed around being solo tanks.

  • no more double shield
  • shield buffs/damage mitigation buffs for every tank across the board
  • 3 DPS allow for exciting combinations of heroes while also allowing supports to have to do less tank pocketing and more everything else

Orisa/Sigma/Rein are easy to adjust, just undoing shield nerfs without taking away their compensation. D.va would need 4 second matrix back. Winston would need less barrier CD, Hammond would need more uptime on adaptive shields. Zarya would need her bubbles on charges(3 maybe) so she can manage them as the team’s primary damage mitigation. Hog could get two charges on TaB, and the ability to push his health above 600 with it, where all his extra health feeds no ult charge(blizz added temp health a while back but hasn’t utilized it).

To me, as a tank player, this would be fun.

^hence, my ending statement

From a DPS main - I don’t want this change.

It might be more fun to you because you seem to be allergic to playing tanks, but the idea of solo tanking, even if they are heavily buffed, is appalling.

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I would love to see it playable in some form for the community to try. Either as an arcade mode first, or introduced in the PTR. I would assume PTR though since certain changes to heroes would have to be made, including the tuned down Roadhog moved to dps

1-3-2 is for trash players.

Can’t be bothered to tank or heal ever? Then wait on the trash heap queue with the rest of them. Don’t like it?.. go back to CS or CoD.

I just don’t think the player base is split in a manner where this kind of change would go unnoticed.

Jeff said they’ve looked over the concept and said it looks like it would provide an overwhelming improvement for queue on ALL roles (except Tank) - which means Support Players would also benefit from the change in terms of queue time. No. It’s not going to reduce Damage queue times below 10 minutes, but if we can save 5 or more minutes on every queue - I don’t see how that’s not worth considering.

I’m also not a fan of having to play with a pair of low damage mitigation double off tanks into double shields every other game because “You didn’t click on the Tank Queue” ; because that’s just making everyone want to stop playing this game all-together.

And yes - I do play Main Tank quite often ; but I don’t feel like I should be punished by Off Tanks or DPS who don’t want to wait for the long queues when I want to play another role.

Most of the arguments I’ve heard against 1/3/2 are -

• This wont do anything - Jeff said otherwise

• Healers looking to be upset that they can’t get their Schadenfreude over DPS having to wait long queue times - I’m sorry?

• Off-Tanks/DPS who don’t like the idea of waiting the DPS queue to play a Damage Dealer - I’m not going to argue against this point.

• Off-Tanks having a lower-power version of their current favorite character - I see the concerns, and I think we can try to better address this when we see the concept play out.

• Main Tanks afraid of being Solo-Tanks ; honestly the best argument against 1/3/2 IMO - to which I never had a problem with Solo Tanking before role-queue, but can understand how it could be viewed as stressful.

1-3-2 might be fun to play for awhile, but it definitely isn’t the fix for DPS queue times. It’ll cut the tank population significantly, unless there are some super strong compensatory buffs for tanks.

buff all tanks into supertanks and use 1-3-2 as role queue? that would be super fun. and it would fix dps queue times - not only since there would be more dps slots but since playing supertank would be more fun than just playing tank