1-3-2 is everything we need

with 1-3-2 overwatch gonna be back to its glory days, the game gonna feel like an actual display of skill, outmatching ur oponents in a 1v1 gonna be groundbreaking and watch owl players outskill other 3 dps is going to be beautiful, i know u all tanks are scared of being bullied into ur roles and thinking of quitting the game, but with 1 tank only tanks finally can have the power of space control they deserve, instead of walking and getting insta destroyed by an orisa sigma, you are going to be able to use good tank skills to destroy the other team dps and enjoy the game way more


No. Stop it. Newer doesn’t mean better. I prefer get rid off main tank role and make all tanks off tanks. And keep 222. Where will you get your Mercies in 132? Queue times will stay the same since tanks and healers pools are similar now


Oh my sweet summer child. You really think that? That’s not going to happen.

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You guys are just completelly delusional if you think this than having only one tank will be good for the game.
You guys already lost a chunk of tank players (me includded) with the tank nerfs, and now want 132? what is this? antitankwatch?

Now if we buff the single tank to DPS levels of powercreep in such a manner than nothing changes at all i could even consider thinking about queueing as tank again.


1-3-2 will actually not fix anything especially Damage queue times. So it’s not worth bothering exploring at all.


No, no it will not…STOP

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Bro, and maybe it’s just me, but when I play a tank, the person I hate the most in my team is usually the other tank X)

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no its not. ­­­­­­­­

They’re really accelerationist with their damagecreep now

I love how Jeff said that they were just internally experimenting with 1-3-2 and everyone is taking it as a certainty.


Thank you. When people talk about what Jeff said they conveniently leave out the end of the post when he said they were not confident it was the way to go.


Dont worry these people who want 1-3-2 will then call it dumb and say bring back 2-2-2

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I prefer Emongg’s suggestion for trying out 1-3-2, where Blizzard invites a bunch of streamers to try out 1-3-2 and see what they, and in turn their viewers, think about it.


I would like that. Emoong happens to be my favorite streamer, and he’s a tank main, so if any streamer should have a say he’d be my choice.

Many off tanks flocking to DPS (because off tank got changed to DPS), some main tanks switch also to DPS, so most likely queue times won’t change.

Yeah Emongg is the only main tank streamer.
I would know his feeling if the game move in 1-3-2 and play with the current patch …

Eh I’m not a fan of Emongg, he comes across as a little passive-aggressive to me, but his suggestion is still good.

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The barrier changes also brought a lot of tanks back (such as myself). Its not anti tank to make the tank role more interesting than shield botting.

I will say though, that going 1-3-2 sounds real dicey for tanking. Jeff said that in testing they tried a version of this with only one support and it was miserable because the support was hard targeted by the other team. This sounds like it could be the tank equivalent of that.

But yeah if this comes with crazy tank buffs than I could be won over by this.

Lmao, 1-3-2 will just mean that off-tank players switch to DPS along with their favourite heroes.

Tank queue times stay low, DPS queue times stay high. GG.

Plus, the whole game would need to be re-balanced around only having one tank. And we all know how quickly Blizzard re-balanced the game for 2-2-2. Aaaany day now…

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To be honest most off tanks now are converted DPS mains wanting shorter Q times.
I fall into this category. As well as a good few of my friend list.

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