1-3-2 Hog Main Tank concept

This is a post in reply to Jeff K’s response on how they are internally testing a 1 Tank, 3 DPS and 2 Support setup for Role Queue. Reasons for this are varied and the problems that it would fix are quite a few. There are also problems that would occur because of it.

Jeff mentioned how Roadhog and many of the off tanks like Hamster & Zarya, etc would be in a difficult spot if this change went live. His primary example was Hog and how internally he is now in the DPS role with DMG changes to scrap gun 200 less HP and Take a Breather no longer has a % DMG reduction.

Being a Hog main, I’m throwing my opinion in the ring on how to alter Roadhog to be a different sort of main tank. As I’d prefer that, over than just adjusting him to fit the DPS role as I’m sure most tank players would.

That post


Bodyguard (New Passive)

Roadhog takes a % less amount of DMG per teammate behind him. This would be a cone area effect, starting at his feet and gradually getting wider behind him in a V or cone like fashion.

~ Roadhog doesn’t have a barrier, most “main” tanks are ones with barriers and while that’s an okay mechanic. It’d be nice for some diversity. The idea behind this would be for Hog himself to act as a shield. More teammates behind him, the less DMG he takes and or soaks like a barrier.

Take a Breather

  • Duration increased from 1 to 3 seconds
  • Heals for 100HP per second
  • Total unchanged of 300HP.

~ In combination of that passive, I think it would be okay to utilize the % DMG reduction that Take a Breather gives him. Increasing the duration allows for more counter-ability as well as more utilization. In saying that, 50% is a lot and it may have to be lowered to 25 or 30% in order to not be absolutely busted.

*Example: Let’s say the % of Bodyguard is 4% per teammate, this means if you have every teammate within that range behind you… The range is hard to determine, but for an example let’s say 15meters.

So, starting at his feet going 15meters backwards in a cone or V shape. If all teammates are within that range for this example they give 4% DMG reduction. Meaning in total, you have a 20% DMG reduction. Combine that with Take a Breather and for 3 seconds, granted it still does 50%, Hog then takes 70% less DMG. These numbers are just examples of how I’m seeing it work.*

Those are the ones I’m more confident about, they don’t seem excessive and depending on the %'s they shouldn’t break him in any dumb way. The next one I’m going to suggest is a bit more out there and even I’m unsure of it.


  • Now has 2 Charges
  • DMG reduced from 30 to 15 per
  • Max Range decreased from 20 to 10 meters.

I’ll be honest I’m unsure on the CD for this idea. With DMG & range I chopped them in half. But, having 2 charges of hook on a 4s CD / recharge seems like a bit much / busted potentially. :man_shrugging:

~ Similar to what I said about Whole Hog, this idea drives from a more aggressive, in your face, Hog.

I’m not touching Scrap Gun, as I don’t think it really needs to be touched.

Whole Hog

  • Any ideas?

~ I feel something would need to be done to Whole Hog as well. IMHO it’s one of the weaker tank ultimates and if the goal of this concept is for him to be more of an aggressive tank having a knockback ult seems counter intuitive.

Thanks for reading. :grin: