0.1% GPU usage, unexpectedly low framerate

0.1% reported GPU usage in task manager under “GPU 0- Copy”. Frame rate is less than 200 on all low settings with a 7800X3D & RTX 2070 & 32Gb ddr5. Less than 10% cpu utilization and no individual cores are above 40%.

I have: reset in game graphics options, reset nvidia control panel options, updated chipset drivers and graphics drivers, disabled iGPU in BIOS. Framerate is capped at 600 in OW.

This is not the performance sensor you should be looking at.

You can’t draw such conclusions from this sensor. It’s not informative.

Try to delete your Settings_v0.ini in My Documents/Overwatch/Settings

(Still applies on Win11)

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Using different performance monitoring software correctly shows full GPU usage. Thanks.

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