𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴 Mercy (you can get it)

i don’t judge people’s value on how charitable they are, it’s such a flawed way to measure.

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I’d love to know where you came to that conclusion. I don’t see any * with small text like the demon hunter sombra had to say it will return in future.

How much more evidence do you need that it will not return. Andy himself said …


I think the gymnastics was already done - even in this thread:

Because people start to invent “context” to try to contain the inconvenient truth and make it so that there’s still some possibility “if we assume this, this and that”.

It’s the same hysteria as when a girl/a man says you “no” and then you think “oh, but if I’m in the last man/girl on Earth scenario - they would go back to me and we’ll create a family”.

There’s no logic to win against this kind of stuff, no amount of arguments will be enough and the very attempt of reasoning in such a debate dooms you to fail. The only way to win such a game is not to play it.


Andy made that statement in reference to someone asking whether pink mercy cosmetics would return for the anniversary remix event. Because some people assumed that it would return given that other limited skins were stated to return during the event.

Andy simply clarified that no, there were no plans for pink mercy to return for the event.

He didn’t say the words ‘for the event’ but that was implied due to the above and the fact that the thread was about the anniversary remix event.

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its quite simple, actually – the original offer period was ending.

all that has been said was/is that there are no plans at this time

plans can and do change, especially with Overwatch, and even more especially with the current CEO departing and Microsoft arriving

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the other way is to buy it from SCALPERS on the net that are selling it for big dollars.

Players will always argue against exclussive skins, but game companies feed the industry because they want to.

Hindsight is 20/20.

If I made a dozen accounts with BCRF Pink mercy skins. I would be rich.

If I kept my 2 BTC , i would have been SUPER rich.

… story of my life.

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“We have Pink Mercy at home!”

Pink Mercy at home…

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“Alexa, play Pink Mercy.”



Well, account trading is illegal according to the EULA, so it’s a risky business. One could buy it only to discover a ban after a while - or worse, the claim of account being stolen. I wouldn’t recommend engaging in these schemes.

Thanks for the instructions OP. I did this for Torb and got this.

10/10 would do again for another hero.


My god this skin should be a thing. A consolation prize automatically unlocked after 100 posts in any of the “bring back Pink Mercy” threads.