𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴 Mercy (you can get it)

This, once again is speculation.

blizzard said this year they have no plans to bring it back

Actually you’re missing the context in which that statement was made. It was regarding the anniversary remix event.

they said “no plans” hard to take that out of context. it means they dont have ANY plans at all.

And crazy as it may sound, plans can and do change. All of the time actually.

And no, no plans to bring it back during the anniversary remix is not the same as saying no plans to bring it back ever.

Same as yours for it coming back too.

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I’ve never said it’s coming back. I just said it’s a possibility. One which I would like to see occur.

Saying it’s a possibility is also a speculation.

Unless somebody can get ahold of the contract-cause yes to use the BCRF name and design elements a contract needs to be drafted-we can only speculate and go on what has been stated about the skin.

And to me the quote of “not returning” and it being almost 5 years with no new charity event-I’m gonna go with the notion of it not coming back.

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i dont care personally if i ever see it, it was exclusive for a set period of time. im actually not a fan of them taking back their claims, and making once rare skins, more common just bc the community wants literally everything. they did that with demon hunter sombra, i went through all the trouble of getting a ticket and even watched and supported it, then everyone got it for a halloween event without effort because they whined endlessly about it. i think if you want limited time special skins, you should probably put in the effort, otherwise you simply didnt earn it. i kind of wanted fire genji but im not even asking for it.

Well that was different. The ticket clearly stated that the goodies for all games were going to be released at a later date.


weird that ppl ask for pink mercy but not the pretty nightelf symmetra skin.

I remember a World of Warcraft example. Blizzard were involved with motorbike T.V. show and did an in-game event which ultimately led to both Alliance and Horde getting a motorcycle mount event.

The Alliance one didn’t seem to have much involvement from the TV show folks, however the horde one did from what I read. So when the TV show folks backed out and had a falling out. It forever put the horde bike into a permanent limbo. You can still buy the alliance motor bike, but the Horde one is never coming back because of how the tv show folks own rights to it.

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Ive seen some asks here and there for other unavailable skins, actually

I have also suggested that someone interested in these other skins open a thread about them

That is a good blizzcon skin, but they can’t pull the ‘it would be good for the charity to re-run the event’ card with that one.

Also, Mercy+pink+barbie hair: too much of an appeal for some.

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It was mentioned before in the thread-that the use of “charity” hides the fact of just selfishly wanting it.


I remember that! I buy the blizzcon pass when it has Overwatch skins in it. Usually they’re locked to the pass, but that was an exception, one which took me by surprise because the assumption is what is in the pass… stays in the pass.

They got a lot of flack over that one and likely won’t repeat the mistake of making blizzcon skins be freebies to everyone else later. It also feeds into why they won’t want to re-run Pink Mercy.

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With the Demon Hunter skin I think the best way to have solved the rabble was to just simply recolor it for the public release.

That way the Blizzcon attendees got unique skins while everyone else got the other-and the ticket holders had a chance to get another of the goodies. Thought it would have been a win all around.


its not really hidden that well, its not like i believe that they really want to donate to charity, or else they would do it without the skin. you dont really need a “chance” to donate to charity, you can do it RIGHT now.

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I don’t get why people like the pink Mercy skin so much. I got it gifted to me, but the pigtails give me young girl cosplaying on twitch energy. It’s slutty. Then again, maybe that’s the appeal


I agree! I have linked where to where the donation page is.

To me I would have no issue if people just kept the transparency of going “I don’t care about the cause I just want the skin” or “I just want it for the collection”.

But trying hide behind the “it’s for a good cause” has me completely embittered to people wanting it to come back-cause it’s the reason of just wanting the skin