⭐️Mercy: in conclusion⭐️

From the many Mercy topics that I’ve read, I’ve decided to make one post that concludes almost all of Mercy mains ideas to make mercy supposedly “better”.

Just buff her numbers

this is probably the most requested mercy change on this website (other than bringing mass res) while this might sound a good idea and an easy thing to do, I have some comments about this.

The changes:

  • Mercy’s HPS increased from 50 to 55-60
  • reduce rez cast time

To be honest, I’d take these buffs rather than nothing, however… that will just make her easier to play and easier to get value out of her.
Mercy currently doesn’t have much value and making her more viable by making her easier won’t help.
besides, Blizzard isn’t planning on buffing any healer’s heals anytime soon.

I’d like to see mercy get more value for her team, but rather harder to get these values, number changes aren’t enough.

Mass rez

this is probably the most controversial suggestion ever since many people argued that res only belongs as an ultimate (which I agree on) others think the current rez is viable and easier to play against

while I think bringing the old mass rez with NO changes is a completely bad idea, however, I’m open for a more balanced Mass rez

The changes:

  • Valkyrie: removed OR a weaker E ability.
  • resurrect: ultimate instead of an ability, multiple targets
    has LoS restriction and no invulnerability ( to prevent hide and rez)
    1 second cast time.
    can be stunned/stopped and mercy will lose ultimate charge.

I’d like to see these changes happen (with balance of course) since in my opinion when rez was an ultimate it needed more skill to use and had way more decision making, with high skill tier players using a MASS REZ ultimate to resurrect a single person or two.

Single rez ultimate

I have mixed feelings about this one, while it will sound like an interesting playstyle to play with AND against, a single rez ultimate kiiiiiinda sounds weak AS an ultimate.

The changes:

  • Valkyrie: reworked into an E ability, 5-6 second duration, 10-20 seconds CD
    buffs mercy’s stats including healing (50 to 60), damage boost (30% to 35%) and shorter guardian angel CD
    (no flying, no chain healing)
  • Resurrect: reworked into a single target ultimate, gives mercy invulnerability, resurrects the target TO mercy’s position, 10-15 meter radius.

people described these changes as “mercy’s pulse bomb” indicating as a powerful ability with a resource meter/reward system… which is basically the current rez but NOT reworked as an ultimate.
(also pockets might be OP with mercy’s new E ability.)

I like this overall but I don’t know, time will tell IF blizzard considers this.

PACIFY: Titanium's suggestion.

A mercy main named titanium has suggested some mercy changes a while back, ill just quote what they wrote.

as much as I like this idea gameplay-wise, I don’t know if it matches with mercy’s character and lore, debuffing her enemies? idk. it is pretty interesting tho but it could be really overpowered if not balanced correctly.

Rework Valkyrie

Another suggestion that I really like because, let’s face it… regardless of Valkyrie’s power level, it’s design is extremely poor, mercy flys with mediocore AoE healing, the only real good impact with valkyrie is mobility and damage boost, which means Valkyrie is considered an offensive ultimate, which is a problem since she’s an off healer.

I think valkyrie should definitely be reworked to be more effective yet shorter duration and (if needed) higher ultimate cost.

The changes

  • ultimate cost increased
  • Mercy’s pocketed target gets 70 HPS, while targets with chain heal get 35 HPS.
  • no change in her damage boost
  • 8-10 seconds duration
  • (if needed) decreased gaurdian angel CD
  • Resurrect cast time reduced from 1.75 seconds to 1.25-1 second.
rez cooldown penalty

this is actually an idea I got from my own, seems really risky but I don’t know, could be good.


  • Cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 25-20 seconds
  • same cast time.
  • If stunned/killed/stopped/etc rez, a penalty comes with 40-45 seconds cooldown

the idea is to have mercy get more value in rez IF she does it right. a bit more consistently but far riskier.

Leave mercy alone, she's fine.

Look, I get it. you think mercy’s in a great state 'n all that, but I’ll list current mercy’s problems.

you are entitled to your own opinion, but I really do think mercy needs to be changed. right now she’s stale, bare minimum impact and boring gameplay (fun is subjective) maybe there is a reason people don’t play support…

if you have more suggestions + ideas… let me know! <3


I heard rumors on forums about giving cleanse/anti-cc ability to her.

You’ll probably won’t put my suggestion, but I think she needs GA removed, and other abilities should be completely reworked, maybe even w removing ressurect mechanic :man_shrugging:

I like the single rez ultimate, with Valk as an ability.

The single rez would probably have less Ult charge requirements, like a pulse bomb, instead of a graviton surge.

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Removing Gaurdian Angel from Mercy would literally be deleting what everyone likes about her. Without it, she’d just be an awful Ana, 0 mobility and her only utility is Rez, amazing. An actual walking health pack. Thank God the devs don’t listen to these ideas.


Why should ga be removed?? Why play mercy at that point :rofl:

The biggest issue with Mercy is how much Valk covers for skill, and the biggest culprit of that in Valkyrie is Chain Beams.

Ideally: Remove chain beams.

Alternatively: Separate Main beam from chains, and make the chains as weak as possible, so target selection has a big impact.

Res has problems but I can live with them.

Healing creep has caused her to be played as off healer, but that’s being addressed fast, so I don’t want numbers buff.

Cleanse CC abilities are potentially problematic, don’t want that either, not for Mercy or anyone else.

Everything is small potatoes compared to Valk’s problems.

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Because GA creates Pharahmercy synergy, and Pharahmercy synergy kills Pharah’s potential buffs.

I don’t think only about myself. Mercymain btw.

My opinion is often unpopular, I wonder why it didn’t get flagged by false flaggers squad

Could also remove Pharah flight. Would do it too.

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I don’t know what i feel about this but what I do feel is that blizzard would consider this for a new support hero and keep mercy the healing-rez bot she is

I do understand where you’re coming from but I’m pretty sure the main reason people play mercy is because of her really fun mobility, without it, she would truly be the AI healing bot that’s controlled by a human.