[❗️] PRIORITY Queue is on the PTR

Go check PTR and you’ll see it.

PTR patch notes:

Dev comment:


So now we can get the details of how it works. If anyone could answer the following questions, I’d be grateful:

  • How many passes do you get from winning/losing?
  • Does it consume more than one pass to use them?
  • Do you get loot box or credit rewards from queuing flex?

It says the reward is priority passes, the icon is a ticket with a lighting bolt inside and you can stock up to 40 passes.

You can earn tickets but you can’t use them on PTR.

You can use them, but no queue times are long enough at the moment to be able to :laughing:


OFC, everyone is flexing to earn tickets. So dumb

It will eventually force most people to just flex like pre rq.

We did it reddit, the queue times are fixed.

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I’ve only won so far, but a win gives 6

Edit: you get 2 for a loss 6 for a win

haven’t even figured out how to use it

Edit 2: It consumes 1 pass so even a loss in flex is worth 2 games of priority play

hmm not sure didn’t check

Edit 3: you can earn stuff from flex queing

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now the question is how much you need to wait 3-4mins to dps…

Wow that was fast.