Priority Pass Testing on the PTR

Hey everyone,

Today’s PTR patch introduces the new Priority Pass feature. The Priority pass seeks to help address the population imbalance between Tank, Support, and Damage roles, and the longer queue times that Damage players often encounter due to this imbalance. Players can earn Priority Passes by choosing Flex when they queue, with more passes earned for wins than for losses. When you select Flex, you’re essentially signing up for all three roles and will fill whichever is most needed at the time. You can then use a Priority Pass to decrease queue time for a role currently experiencing higher traffic.

Since the population of players who play on the PTR is small compared to the live environment, we anticipate that the feature will not drastically reduce queue times, even when a Priority Pass is used. The Priority Pass’ ability to reduce queue times is heavily dependent on the number of people actively in queue. This means that if you use a Priority Pass on PTR, your queue times may remain relatively unchanged compared to queueing without using a Priority Pass.

Our goal on the PTR is to test the stability of the feature rather than its efficacy at reducing queue times. We will get a better idea of the efficacy of the reduction to queue times once the feature reaches a much wider audience in the live environment. We will be keeping an eye on feedback throughout the PTR phase to ensure that there aren’t any abnormalities like getting stuck in a weird state, game crashes, etc. If you encounter any issues with the feature aside from the lack of reduction to queue times, please let us know!

We can’t wait to get this feature on the PTR to ensure that it’s stable ahead of the live release! It’s also important to note that once the feature reaches the live environment, we’ll continue to monitor and make adjustments to the system based on its performance. Learn more about the Priority Pass with Scott Mercer in our latest blog.


Probably my most anticipated feature I’ve waited for since 2-2-2, can’t wait to try it out in PTR


I’m very excited for this feature. I have one suggestion which is let people queue directly for tank for priority pass. I don’t want to play support! Let people do this as long as tank is significantly in demand.


Sven: You were always good at bulldozing through obstacles.
Torby: and you always cheated your way past them. an engineer should respect the problem not just bypass it.”

Be like Torby.
In games meta 2-2-2 is fail. Change meta. 3-1-1? 2-1-1?
Overwatch dont need to be 6 players versus 6 players. we have 4 players modes and its sweet.
You need to solve problem, not bypass it.

Back to begining, try to imagine how it should work in new game. You have now experience and you know what fails. OV2 will be relased and its big chance for big changes. Do it once for all, not in installments. Do new meta,
do not stick to tape. We need bold and radical changes.

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How do I actually use a priority pass? I queued up for a game, won, and earned six of them. But I don’t seem to have the option of actually using them when I try to queue up again, despite one of the roles showing a much longer expected queue time compared to the other two.

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OMG My Idea from more than 1 Year ago is finally implemented!! :raised_hands:t2:
Do I have some credit for this Blue Poster?

(Here is the proof BTW)


I’m so worried about this feature. Especially, " By playing one Flex game, you’ll get multiple games where you have Priority Passes to use for Damage, and you can save up to 40 these passes.", is almost equivalent to by THROWING a game, you get multiple passes AND you can throw several to stack up enough passes that can be used for a whole night. I guess the logic behind it is that dev team wants the incentive to be good enough to encourage dmg players to try other roles, while don’t want to disturb the current system too much (by saying it probably won’t work for small number of ppl in ptr.) The idea is brilliant. However, a try (a game) can be a try with a positive attitude (a good game) or with a malicious attitude (a throw). I think a loss game should not guarentee the number of passes that is enough for one time usage otherwise why not throw a game for it. ( unless the system can detect a throw which I don’t think it’s technically possible.) Just my 2 cents on preventing potentional malicious abuses of a good feature (probably one of the most desired features after role queue.) For a level 2780 player as me, I value a piority pass more than 25 cents tank role incentive. Moreover you can adjust the incentive dynamically.

Another thought about using multiple passes at a time (probably not the focus of the dev team now), I’m also willing to use up all 40 passes at once just for a quick dmg role q. I play all 3 roles so most time I select 3 roles but the fact is that I typically get 1 dmg role out of 20ish games (probably not a single dmg game for a whole night). In the current design, it seems to be too easy to get a pass, and it can never be used up. In this case, everyone has a pass is eqvenlent to none has a pass. It will be interesting to have a bid system. Say I would like to bid 30 passes to play a dmg role and 10 passes for a healer and I should have a piority to q for a dps role compared to ppl have same stats as me but only bid for 20 passes. I probably won’t bid for a tank role because system prefer to put me there anyway, but if I would bid for a tank role, the system can take my passes and q me quicker. The reason for this is that if I can not use up the passes, the pass is nothing for me. If majority of ppl can not use up the passes, the pass is less impactful. This thought came to me when I noticed that I earned thousands of game currency a night while I found I already have more than 60k of it.

An additional detail when using Priority Passes: Priority Passes may not be used when playing a group of 5 or more. Since we try to pair large parties against other large parties, and parties this large already contain a good balance of roles, we do not anticipate that using a Priority Pass would actually reduce queue times. As such, we don’t want players to waste their passes if this wouldn’t have a noticeable effect towards the feature’s goal.


Is this feature only meant for quick play or for competitive play too? If so, will competitive play have separate priority passes?

Second: you haven’t answered whethey they can be used in the PTR, or only obtained. EDIT: ok, apparently now I can use them! once there is enough people in the PTR

Love the feature anyway! Altough the answer to the first question will greatly impact the scale of my love, haha

Yes, most likely, Competitive is the one with the major issue of imbalance in queue times, so this feature is most likely meant for the main game modes, i doubt this wouldn’t be for Competitive since well, Comp has Role Queue enabled, and this feature is mean’t for the Role Queue gamemodes.


Quick Play and Competitive Play will both have Priority Passes, but these will be separate, meaning you won’t be able to use the Priority Passes earned in Quick Play within Competitive Play.


Smart move.


when is it going live though ?

Looking forward to seeing it on live. Finally we’ll have an actual reward for playing tanks, not these useless lootboxes and currency. I even dropped playing OW until that.

Can’t wait to see my DPS Q times increase :roll_eyes:

Thats my question indeed. Wouldnt it be great if it was in 2020 and it revived the game?

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How come this is still not live oO

im not on the PTR, opinions on the “priority queue” function? last year i came up with the idea everyone gets to use damage every 5 or so games and loses this option and they have to wait, that way everyone gets to queue for it. i suppose this works too