✅ 1x BarrierTank Role Queue design

Because devs top priority right now is BarrierTank balance.

Also as far as MainTank Hammond, I was referring to Ball/Zarya or Ball/D.va.

And yes, I have a 1-3-2 version of this concept, but understandably there would be a lot of complaints of they went that way. Here’s a sample:



You know I’m right, Rein isn’t as out of line as people think, and double barrier is balanced well now.

It’s only Orisa that needs a boost, that’s it. All of the other tanks are fine how they are, and the game doesn’t need it’s structure heavily altered like you seem to think.

Huh, I’m the special case? You’re the one putting checks in your thread title for that attention you seem to need

Even if you were right, the devs wouldn’t be saying barriers are the top design priority right now, if they thought they were fine.

Why r we buffing other tanks while rein isn’t even broken man

Because maybe devs are concerned about the overall game?

In terms of hero design and balance, yes. But queue times are clearly their most pressing issue since role queue. That’s why their most immediate effort is going into getting Competitive Open Queue up, because it’s the easiest short-term solution for the most pressing problem.

It’s irrelevant. I saw one person upset about losing Ball/Zarya in the Reddit thread, and that’s it. The vast majority of the people talking about main tank Hammond are referring to when he was meta in 1-3-2 in OWL, or to the way he’s played as a main tank with Orisa or Winston. Ball/Zarya and Ball/D.va have never been very good comps.

I know you do, because I posted it, and then watched as you developed it. But you got some (good and) bad feedback on Reddit and now you’re dumping it.
Do you expect to eventually come upon an idea that you can post in r/Competitiveoverwatch that will be accepted by everyone? I think that regardless of what you post, there are going to be detractors.

Does that even list anything specifically wrong though? For all you know, they could be talking about Rein’s movement speed!

Barrier health isn’t the only thing that comes into play when balancing them. There’s cooldowns, versatility, how characters have methods to work around them or with them, how specific mechanics can directly interact with them, etc.

You can have 2 mondo health barriers be balanced if there are good ways to counteract that. Of course, the path they’ve chosen with emphasizing offense over defense is the better route, but defensive prowess can be balanced nonetheless.

I can’t do this.

I need to be able to swap to and from Orisa or Simba while also being able to swap to bruisers.

If I’m locked into barrier for the entire game it might not work out well for everyone’s favorite diamond tank.

For example: when I play with a mid masters tank friend of mine, we tend to play rein + x, MonkeyBall , Orisa dva, and Orisa hog. My ball is miles ahead of his, and our Winston’s are on par. His rein makes mine look like a feeding mess, but my orisa compliments his Zarya and hog rather well. My Zarya is pretty great too, and we both use dva but in different manners.

We may change our tank lineup a few times over the course of a match dependent on the map, attack/defense, or in response to the enemy’s hero switches.

With so many simultaneous overlapping and distinct playstyles and skill sets, an implementation like this would be very difficult for us to play around, even if I could swap to Mei at will.

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i think the point is that with this system you can swap from a main tank to a bruiser

you are just saying that you call dibs on the main tanks first for the initial select screen

But frankly i think naming it “bruiser queue” sets the wrong expectations

it should be named Off tank queue, as the mayority of the characters there are off tanks

Read the post.

You’d only be locked into BarrierTank the first 10seconds after you join the server.

Its rein seeing a lot of play in ranked when owl hasn’t come out with a real meta to follow yet, no shoot

yeah i find this iteration less rage indicuding than the other one and actually better

the only issue is that it doesnt solve the DPS queue times, unless there is a large influx of DPS that really only care to play Off tanks, and what turned them off was the possibility of them having to main tank DPS queue would still be filled to the brim,

If they would do this, they could buff back ORisa’s/Sigma’s shield HP.

I support the idea!

It doesn’t, but BarrierTank buffs could help with that.

But that’s only if devs want to buff BarrierTanks to be significantly stronger overall.

Oh oops I glossed over the time. :roll_eyes:

The panic set in when I saw “locked”

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to which they should…because frankly even the current state of barriers is unaccepteable,

not even a double barrier can save you from the damage spam, especially now that they buffed hitscans to act as psudo-barrier breakers (thing they were suposed to be bad against as a tradeoff for their insane ranged damage capability)

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It’s mostly a convenience for people who actually want to play Barrier Tank, and don’t have to argue for the right to have it

Especially if they plan on making barriertanks more fun

I could go either way on that.

The main problem to me is that BarrierTanks have a hard time compensating when they have a weakness in their composition.

I.e. Not getting enough Peels on Ana? Go Moira or Mercy. Pharah isn’t dying plenty of healer options. Raw damage, Zen.

With BarrierTank? Pray your other teammates know what they are doing.

sorry, this won’t happen, especially with Hammond in the game. He’s a main tank dive anchor in some comps, and an off tank harrasser in others. He is both in such a way that this wouldn’t be able to be done without a huge rework. Also, they wouldn’t put Mei into tank after all this balance, they’ve committed too hard to this.

This. People really really want Mei to be a tank on these forums, and it simply would never work. It’s ok to for heroes to have skills that are not in line with their class. It keeps the game interesting.