Xul counters my beautiful hots community ? :3

I don’t think anyone clears or double soaks better than Xul though.


Yep, but you still have some decent heroes who can clear lanes and don’t be behind that much.

All you don’t wanna do is draft a solo laner that can’t clear lanes at all, like imperius, Thrall, Artanis, Varian…


Heal debuff, blinds , attack speed debuff.
Poking him from afar.

Blinds, but he has a few good builds now that make it harder. Dmg lili, arthas, and artanis are much better picks now.

Sonya is a strong response to Xul.

A lot of her damage comes from her Abilities, so she is resistant to his W attack speed Slow compared to other Heroes.

She has an early game talent that negates his Root.

Whirlwind’s healing greatly benefits from having more targets, so his skeletons help her in teamfights.


murky is decent. Malthael can work. Gaz is okay. Deathwing I haven’t really faced in a lane yet, but it seems like he should be pretty easy for Xul to handle.

Plus anyone who outranges Xul can bully him back if you just poke patiently. Remember his skeletons almost guarantee that the wave will make it to you if you just hang out at your own gate. You’ll take some damage to your gate, but he’ll lose half his health with a valla or fenix poking away at him.

Just don’t even attack minions. Part of the challenge of Xul is that he is made to overextend, and he has some risk mitigation built into his kit to deal with that. If you are so aggressive that he doesn’t even need to overextend, then that risk mitigation makes him almost impossible to take down in a lane.

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The best xul counter is the incoming hard nerfs to that OP hero


Malthael is decent against him, as while he can’t clear as fast, he has very strong self-sustain, and with On a Pale Horse at 1, can negate some of the advantage Xul has in wave clear. Late game, he can take the self-cleanse to dodge the root, and since Xul can live for quite a long time at low health if your front line wants to face tank him, Last Rites can come in very handy.

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“OP hero” that has many counters. ok

Lol do you want me to bump this comment of yours when xul gets nerfed in the next patch notes or not?

I am 99% certain it will happen and you can bump my comment if it doesn’t happen, we’ll see who’s laughing then okay?

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oh really you’re 99% certain he’ll get nerfed? that’s new to me actually. totally didn’t know that heroes that get reworked and then get higher winrate people start calling them OP heroes and end up getting nerfed thanks for info! :open_mouth:

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How to counter xul in a nutshell:

The guy is melee. Don’t be in melee.
If you must be in melee, punish him for being melee.

He also split soaks, stop thinking about teamfights for 2 seconds and make sure you can out trade his soak or at least equal it out.

People that don’t need to deal with his cursed strikes works too.
Don’t clump up when he wants to heal off you.

Bruisers that are basically muscle wizards like sonya or sustained ranged damage like guldan can out clear and bully xul out.


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He’s not going to get nerfed just because a few QM only players facetank his W.

Sonya is great, but now she is vulnerable for burst damage (because ferocious healing is hard nerfed and spell shield are removed). If Xul force her to focus him, his mage teammate can burst her down (Like Li-Ming with Orb build, KT, KTZ), she is anyway very vulnerable for CC but now also vulnerable for burst damage in early and mid game.

Dude let’s be real 64% winrate is a bit too much.
I got 84% wr with him on this season in ranked, the fact that he’s too strong is undeniable…

i didn’t say he’s not strong but this guy is calling him “OP” which is ridiculous. i already said before xul is now better than he used to be and also a ban worthy hero but you can’t say OP hero. if he get in QM where people don’t have blinds or anything to stop him from spamming his W then he’ll kick A$$ but if you counter him he can’t do nothing = the guy that’s calling him OP is a QM player that doesn’t understand draft is the best way to counter such heroes or perhaps queue with blinds for QM

To be fair I’m talking about xul in ranked, the ones I ever seen in QM are trying to learn him and not so good.

in ranked he’s mostly banned tho. and if he’s allowed to be picked then the other team should pick at least 1 blind hero johanna cassia etc… or even Artanis for the blind ult. blinding xul for 4 seconds hurts him a lot cause he can’t deal any W damage or heal up from it let’s not forget about stuns and silence that won’t allow him to use his abilities or activate his W at all.

Actually, the only counter to Xul is at least 3 heroes working against him while you hopefully got him solo.