Will we ever get % damage abilities that can be reduced by the different armors?

His dot deals 1% of the targets max HP.
It does not deal damage equal to 1% of the targets max HP.

I don’t recall any other DoTs that call out doing % damage. Dark Conversion doesn’t state it does % damage.

“Marked enemies are revealed and take damage equal to 1.75% of their maximum Health every 1 second.”

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It should be reduced by armor in that case.

I didn’t remember how it was worded correctly at all hahah!

Thank you

It also may be a tooltip is on their radar to be changed, but they haven’t managed to squeeze it in. (Tooltip reworks take time out of development, there are lots of tooltip reworks/updating/et cetera which are on a list when there is a chance).

I think its worthy to test this ingame though, since i suspect that it still ignores armor as the wording on that line does not describe the individual ticks. The wording might be that way because of the many ticks it never realy reaches the exact 1.75%. Someone can level up or get extra maxhp through quests, and that can mess up that number.

A major diffirence is that each tick seperately deals that % damage, and that single tick might not even use the 1.75% value, but something completely diffirent. It then becomes a direct attack again. And yes, this number could still be affected by armor, but its again a diffirent system.

But it already shows that we do not need additional %dps types as even the current 2 systems that we have can create enough confusion.

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Just like healing has a counter. auto attacks and % dmg auto attacks have one too
Healing gets counted by healing redution spells no matter if its % based or not

Mini gun gets countered by blinds

I just wanted to pop in here and say there isn’t a coding limitation and that yes, we could make % based damage mitigated by Armor, but we don’t want to.


Could you please make percent damage a different colour? It would be nice if it stood out and said “im different to both physical and magical”


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

On another note, yeah that’s the answer I guess. Disappointing but GL with the game.

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Hey AZ.

Have you ever added a hero based on a forum post?

And do you like moose?

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To be honest the whole % dmg concept is flawed. That damage does the same for any character, even assassins. I am surprised they didnt make it damage bonus with max health difference to target. Thats why you have been witnessing the insane 1v9 malthael, tychus, and so on metas.

Is there a reason why? Curious to hear the design thought process

It does make sense though, and that is why other games like LoL do that. I’m not arguing for or against adding armor calculations to % damage here, but I felt the need to point out that you are wrong, and your reasoning is flawed.

What do you get if you combine purple and orange? Or maybe just plain old red?

Simplicity I guess. HotS wasn’t meant to be as complicated as LoL or DOTA with their 3 paragraph tool tips.

based. tooton BTFO’d :expressionless:

The way it works is that it is applied as spell damage that is flagged to ignore all damage modifiers.

But I do agree that it would be nice if it were white or red or something.

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Also speaking of damage mitigated by armour, there’s been posts frequently about the damage taken stat. Can we have it back to replace the self-healing stat and have the stat also include damage mitigated by armour please?

I think it’s something a lot of people want, many people voiced out when the damage taken stat was removed (I thought it was removed so it could come back in a better form e.g. show all damage taken before reductions, e.g. damage taken before armour reductions)

LoL displays those stats in the end of the game, + many more.

Literally a whole sheet of data for every player!

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I wish damage taken stat could be had during the game and not just the end game. Tanks/bruisers should get a stat they can easily do better than other classes (tank the only class without a stat they can do well in, I know stats can be inaccurate indicator but seriously no harm letting tanks feel good about themselves w high dmg taken, harmless fun)

The self-healing stat can either be merged in the healing column or can show up in the end game screen. And th eend game screen can show all the other interesting stats too like time silenced, time d9isabled and all that

I am not so sure about it. Does Ancestral work through enemy VP too? Or Ley Line and other enemy stasis.

Any area heals are ignored by stasis and channeled ones are cancelled (like Life Binder or Morales Q)

Malfurion Regrowth + Moonfire heals continue working normally through Ice Block. Whitemane too iirc.