Why QM is terrible

  1. Aba, TLV, Nova or Murky in every 2nd match.

  2. Bad players all around. The rest of the good (or “not so bad”) players are in ARAM now. What is left in QM are players that don’t soak, that don’t know how to play the map or just troll and afk.

  3. Terrible maps like Hanamura and Cursed Hollow seems to show up 8 times out of 10.

  1. They’re popular and fun (tho I doubt you see Tlv often)
  2. Bad players will always be more common than the opposite. I doubt Aram is different.
  3. Cursed Hollow? It’s among the most balanced maps :open_mouth:
  1. Consider this the QM “meta” – in [high-ranking] SL you would see the same heroes over and over as well
  2. I agree, soaking is like cheating (if you want to win instead of have fun playing your favorite heroes, play Ragnaros or Leoric) :smiling_imp:
  3. Well, this is purely subjective (I happen to like both maps, and do not particularly dislike any maps :man_shrugging:)

For context, I solo-queue QM exclusively (55% WR, 7.9 KDA this season) and although there is no shortage of bad players, most matches aren’t terrible.


QM is bad because the game has very few players. If there were a 1 million active users everyday - QM would have a much better time matching players more fairly.

The biggest downfall to HOTS is lack of community and player base. I’d say a big part of why Blizzard finally decided to put HOTS in maintenance mode is the toxicity as well. They would of had to spend a lot of resources to control it (Look at LOL). Game is not profitable so it got canned. End of story.

LOL has its own problems too so its not a perfect game.

‘cept that isn’t the ‘end of story’. It’ an incorrect premise where more known information is accessible. One of the issues of the game has been people that refuse to learn more because they already think they have the answer/skill, and cut short their ability to perform better.

"lack of community’ is curbed by people being unwilling to be ‘apart’ of a “community” A lot of players take offense at guides, common play is considered ‘cheating’, and people want to play a hero more than the ‘role’ it fills, which leads to in-fighting as ignorant squabbles pretend that one side has to ‘right’ and neglect both can be in the wrong.

The ‘downfall’ of HotS is a much a suit afraid the game is hated, and the game is ‘hated’ because it doesn’t provide strong-enough feedback to indicate when players are terrible at the thing they’re doing and encouraging them to stop being terrible. Feedback loops are a thing and more people are prone to blaming everything else they can if the system doesn’t hold their hand enough to ‘teach’ them to get better.

The biggest downfall is the lack of development.

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Not a problem that’s unique to HoTS I’m afraid but video games as a whole.

When you’re heavily involed in a competitive game it’s easy to get too outward focused and blame the team for their incompetence. Even little Johnny playing under 10s soccer will yell at his team mates for missing a kick. Heck, even the grown a** adults who are supposed mature responsible members of society can lose their bananas over that “bloody, blind ref who wouldn’t know how to tie his own shoe laces”.

Fortunately though for little Johnny is that his soccer team has a coach who is able to provide meaningful and personalised feedback to both him and the team. Heck, he can even bench little Johnny to diffuse some of his toxicity out on the field. If a coach is worth their salt they can even instil the importance of good sportsmanship.

For every soccer team out there in the world there is a coach who can help make his players better. If you were to count how many soccer coaches there are in the world you would realise that this figure would be the equivalent to a small city of people. This is not something a video game company could achieve so we are stuck with automated reporting systems and zero meaningful feedback.

Not sure where I was going with my rant other than:

  • i love video games
  • toxicity is a sad byproduct if any competitive scene and is a genuine problem when players are heavily invested
  • tough problem to solve since AI is not yet good enough to offer a personalised touch.

Yes and worst map of all = BHB which is dumbest sh**** of all game

The game is toxic and “not profitable”. That’s not Blizzards fault, that’s lack of support and community.

I have fun in 90% of my ARAM matches win or lose.

I hate myself in 90% of QM matches win or lose.

This game is best as a smash brothers game and thats why ARAM shines and your queue times in ARAM are like 10 secs and QM queue like a minute or more. Getting a QM game where a couple are just playing like crap or ignoring macro is like nails on a chalk board.

I honestly find myself laughing in chat with my team in a loss in ARAM and toxicity is nearly non existent there.

At the very least it would be both the community and Blizzard. Considering everything from the HGC and the monetization model was decided by Blizzard, blame can hardly be cast only at the feet of the nebulous notion of “the community.”

I spent too much money supporting this game with coin, so on that level I did more than more part as an individual to support Hots. You must also keep in mind that Blizzard said Hots was profitable, but not enough to justify the very large team (and time) needed to develop new heroes and content, when those Devs could be used elsewhere on more profitable titles.

Blizzard never understood how their game is played. They always catered the queue time whiners, never the people who take the game serious, but are in the end the long time players.

The mess called QM is a joke and so is SL. One of the many reasons the game is dead. It’s a shame given the good graphics, lore, maps and base design. But it’s totally in line with the decline whole Blizzard faces since several years, while companies like Riot, Activision (I mean the mobile and Call of Duty dudes) and Microsoft are doing a good job by listening to their customers. Blizzard doesn’t even know what that means.

I have a blast in ARAM nearly every game.