Why do people continuously troll

Ok, boomer.

HoTS brings out the worst in people

Yeah, I had a feeling when the OP made their first post, that it was going to come down to inane standards of what they consider trolling.

Trolling I feel like generally has to have intent. Some people are just bad or ignorant at things. That doesn’t make them a troll. They’re just doing things selfishly or cluelessly, but they’re not trying to make your game awful.

People love to call me as a troll when I play hammer, but I’m not trying to lose. In fact, I win quite a lot with her, so just to assume that I’m acting in bad faith is just an assumption on their part.

I can name some people on the forums I don’t particularly like, but I wouldn’t call them trolls.

Ever see people point and laugh at others for making simple mistakes in life? Like tripping and falling or tipping over a glass of milk with your elbow.

People find enjoyment in others’ misery. They will make your life hell just so they can laugh at you when you react. This is how they enjoy HOTS. There are whole channels dedicated to trolling others.


Well said. It is so idealistic to think most people act rationally and in the best interest of the “community”.

There are hundreds of millions of people alive who live just to laugh at others pain or misery. Germans even have a word dedicated to it, schadenfreude.

Believe or not, there exist people in this world who would pay $100 out of their own pocket just so that you don’t get $20. They do it to make you miserable. That’s better to them than any money, gold, fame or glory.


I wish I knew what was so fun about playing joining ranked to try as hard as they can to lose games. I fail to understand what drives a person to be that crappy.

Another factor is the lack of punishments in this game, being reports are based on numbers and never reviewed then trolling isnt gonna get them punished in time. Even so they can just go make another account and start all over due to poor ranked requirements.

This is what I don’t understand and why I asked the question. Why do people have this mindset? I’ve played other online games and people are toxic but don’t troll anywhere near as much, they still want to win.

I don’t understand either, people have bad days and that’s alright. I try to own up when I am bad.

Yeah I think the requirement is bad and the punishment is worse but with an automated system there is a fine line so people don’t get picked on.

I think this maybe more of an ANZ issue. The HOTS community is smaller already but the ANZ community is much smaller in numbers again.

I would just hope that they move on to a more populated game and troll them.

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Ha. When I’m playing healer and I’m forced to solo lane…

‘Why is the healer solo?’

My response: ‘because you’re not…’

I have a go to answer to this: Blizzard. They’re community is notorious for it being mediocre to poor to unbearable. They foster this type of sense into their games. Us vs them. The only Blizz game I can think of that isn’t that is TLV for SNES. The us vs them thing comes from a place of hostility. Black Thorne doesn’t count. They let us govern each other. Nearly hands free. A small touch here and there with a large amount of psychology would’ve improved the community.

EDIT: I forgot to mention: FUN. They assume when players are presented with something that isn’t fun, but players are still play with it, means that it’s fun. No, we have no choice. Otherwise we would just turn off the game. I was only met with resistance when I said, “Hemet Nesingwary should be completely removed from the game.”

Even OW fails at this. The characters are so lovable and upbeat, even the bad guys, couldn’t save the pain.

Some examples come to mind:


  • experience points is divided amongst party members. So solo play is preferable to maximize leveling and loot. Friends? Who needs them when they are holding you back from those sweet sweet purps.
  • Loot is not personal until D3 came out. So ninja looting was the norm. This was a huge issue and it ran rampant for years.
  • You could have killed 2-4 mobs to reach a gathering node only for some butt face to just run in and take it. They can be the same level as you. They will even hit the same node while you’re trying to get it yourself. It was utter madness. This was at the beginning of WoW’s launch. Years later, they made this personal loot, where someone can’t just take your node.
  • Loot made people crazy. Mostly because Blizz had a deal with the RNG gods and needed to implement it everywhere. You can go MONTHS spamming and farming the same dungeon every WEEK without seeing that piece of gear that was ninja’ed for gold.
  • Mods and addons, were awesome when used to actually play the game. Then comes DPS meters, this is when hell turned it up to 11 on the toxicity scale. You were class shamed everytime you managed to find a group. With. out. fail. People actually flamed me and defended this, by saying it was useful. I called BS, since the game was not that hard to grasp in terms of dps rotations. It was an epeen meter and used to justify being an elitist a hole.
  • If you’re an essential class like tank or healer, it didn’t matter, you mess up once, you’re kicked. They don’t care if they have to wait another 15-20 minutes for a new tank or healer.
  • I was kicked before I loaded into the dungeon. I went through one loading screen only to be met with another loading screen where I’m back where I started with an added bonus of DESERTER. I put in a ticket to have it removed. Dude replied saying, sorry we can’t remove and sorry the community is such @#%^.
  • I can’t remember any time where I asked a question and wasn’t met with 10 troll comments.
  • The game rewarded elitists and those who had too much time on their hands.
  • Dying in a dungeon meant the whole group would most likely die. If you died really early in the fight, and no battle res was present, you can go take a walk or sit their watching as the entire fight unfolds without you.
  • The good vs evil thing was ever present. When Alliance and Horde actually teamed up against a common enemy, once it was dead, we go right back to hating each other again. This happens TWICE! Nothings changed or improved the situation between the factions. This automatically creates a divide amongst the players. Horde players are hardcore while Alliance players are pansies… Horde players are ugly and smell, and Alliance is super honorable and sexy.
  • Yes, I have played WoW for a very long time, solo, I tried using chat to find groups as a healer, but this only imprisoned you in a major city, sooo fun. Once LFG finder came out, I played with people which didn’t help anything. I was at least able to finally see dungeon content and 30% of endgame.


  • PVP is a #@%$ show. Probably the first instance of spawn camping for me. Get killed by a player way more powerful then me AND lose all my stuff. No thanks. You end up resenting players because they are ok with preying on you and Blizz lets all this happen. Hands free.

  • RNG runs rampant in Blizz games. The force is strong in this one. A glorified casino. I also asked if what you do in D3 is fun. Resistance, in the form of fanboy nonsense. They were ok with the same content and grind the same loot over and over for just for slightly higher stats. For what? Leadersboards??? Yeah right.


  • All chat. I managed to win a game with Zerg. I’m really bad at the game. When I won, the opponent got salty, said something, and rage quit.
    EDIT: I remember now. The opponent cheesed me by using fast flying Protoss units to kill off my workers by picking them up and shooting them in the air. I managed to save a few and create a secret base and stop the attack desperately. I then amassed my favorite unit. A flying pancake that shoots out baby pancakes that tear @#$% up just outside of range of all AA type structures and units. I kept pecking at him finding weakness in his defenses till he called me a cheese for doing my tactics.
    The entire time, my hands were shaking and tingling from the stress. I was working at 200% with very little skills. No hotkey skills, all done with mouse. My APM is probably like 60. Or less, when I would stop to think… I was super proud that I did something as amazing as winning at a game I was complete crap in. I really tried to win.

Blizz was more focused in making a game “fun” and epic to themselves, but never really thinking about how the community will react to certain systems and mechanics. They are adults, who lived in a different time than their target audience.

People troll because they are allowed to and showing respect to others is not something that is reinforced in Blizz games. It’s not the attitude you expect.

I have been spoiled playing FFXIV. Best community I have ever seen. Best MMO too.


Some tryhards classify everything that is not meta-conform as trolling.

I often like to play odd hero compositions when i play with some friends and the random player we get has to deal with it :smiley: We play a comp like Murky, Abathur, Gazlowe, Vikings so our random teammates are very confused. Surprisingly a lot of players are super cool and play along with it but ofc there are also players who think we want to lose on purpose. We really try hard to win, we just “draft badly” on purpose because we think It’s pretty fun to win SL matches with odd teams.
Every time we win the random teammates can’t believe it xD

This is fine. It’s also fine when even a random team decides they are going to draft a comp that isn’t meta. The problem I’ve had personally, mostly because I’m too willing to always fill, is those players who demand you take a role like main tank or healer. They will then turn about and take four ranged vs a dive comp and complain you can’t peel for them. Or after you have filled, take a level 1 butcher into Johanna or Murky on Hanamura.

Many people can be very demanding that others conform in draft but aren’t willing to do so themselves.

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@Minky gets it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Minky always gets it. She’s a BW afterall.

I kept calling my bw in the last game that just poped minky :rofl:


Problem with this is if you don’t communicate in draft and just lastpick it.

For me, I have no issue with a Murky, Abat or TLV.
I can play around it, draft around it, we win or lose, doesnt matter.

Problem is when the person is just silent in draft, writes nothing, prepicks nothing and then just hammers the lastpick with Abat or Murky or something like that.
0 team synergy, 0 interactions, bad map pick, etc etc…


I’ll pick something regardless of what people think so long as I know it will work with the team. People will complain about these heroes regardless of the situation. So, I’m going to lean on my experience with 58% win rate with hammer over the person who has no ranked games with her and 95% AI games with her.

Some people are so miserable they can’t stand to have people not suffer like them.
Like some emo manga character.

We live in a society.

lel…I do the same with Artanis, I think of them all as Hoku! As for Brightwing I think of Frogsaron, it used to be CopyPasteable.

But I like Orphea! weh weh!