Who's trying out League of Legends?


Mewnfare, BamBam, Khroen, Faye, Turk and other streamers. Who wants to produce content for a game Blizzard is only minimally supporting.

Good News “Were extending the Holiday Game to February” unspoken news “Because we know we pissed off the player base and because we have a smaller team we won’t have a Lunar New Year Theme”

HOTS players, we know you are butt hurt about HGC here are some more loot boxes… please keep letting us milk the cash cow…


I came to this game because i wanted to use the real lich king the real zeratul and so on. I liked that the games are shorter too. At this point though all they have is the nostalgia going for them. If i have an hour to play at the end of the night i only get one match anyway so as the que times continue to rise the odds i go back to dota rise as well. Just updated it today for the first time in years.


where did they say they extended it to feb? :slight_smile:

besides this… yes it does sound like you are butthurt. if they did extend it all you are doing is complaining that they extended it instead of being happy about getting more loot.


Maybe MOBA games are dying slowly, LOL and Dota 2 player base is not the same as it was a couple of years ago and just like strategy games and RTS before then, they cannot keep doing that forever. After all MOBAS are RTS without the empire building, also I think by 2020 a new genre or game will take place over them.


I’ve heard this is the case, though I don’t keep tabs on DotA and LoL so idk.


It is in this post:


thanks for the link. more chests are good.

i find this part interesting since it has to do with upcoming updates :smiley:

Just a few of the many things we’re currently discussing include:

  • Finalizing the Hero Role overhaul
  • Timing for rolling out the Ranked Play consolidation and improvements we discussed at BlizzCon
  • Bringing back the ability to directly purchase individual skins with Gems
  • Adding the ability to get more content like skins and mounts with Gold

these updates are good news.

– they are finishing up the role rework
– they are working on the ranked merge
– they want to address maybe bundle skins? is how im reading this one. i dunno.
– more gold only content for those with excessive gold! that should make some ppl happy. i know i bought Wonder Willy.


Am I butt hurt they killed HGC ? Yes
Am I butt hurt that they aren’t going to do a lunar new year promo ? Yes
Am I butt hurt that they are cutting the team to just enough to roll out what they announced at blizzcon ? Yes.

You can be content with someone who punches you in the face then buys you an ice cream cone after. I’d just settle for not being punched.


I’m not going to LOL, no way. I left LOL to play HOTS because of no items, ability system, multiple maps. No reason to switch.


I tried to went back couple of time and I am scratching my balls out with the idiotic CSing and kill steal rage.

Us support are shafted to as slaves. Hell no.

Enjoy the damage creep tho, not missing it at all.

Edit*: This is my last MOBA after DoTA, HoN, LoL, DoTA2 and Smite.

I am going to play MHW and FF14. Thanks.


If HotS had not been populated with Blizzard characters that I like from other games, I would’ve never even installed it because I’m not interested in MOBAs in general. If HotS is totally shut down, I’ll just go back to playing other Blizzard games.


They nerfed Cho’Gall so hard … I’m done with Blizz, that was the final strike I could receive … It was like a kick in the stomach, sorry Christmas present from the old devs in Blizz/Activision style :sob:


League used to be very good. But then they made most everything look ugly. Seems like they changed the look of champs, summoner spells, some items etc…just for the sake of changing them. It looks horrible to look at now and the art style no longer feels unique.

Oh and you think blizzard is bad at releasing things they announce? chat on loading screen, clicking on the champ cards on the loading screen and tips is STILL on the PBE, been on the PBE since Nov. Maybe they are waiting to release that for the start of the new season? idk.


I think people need to get that even if the game were in immediate danger the devs would never tell you because that would be the definite killing blow to the game.

The only way for the devs to earn back the trust from recent announcements is by showing and that’s gonna take time. There is no short cut. I think in a year we will know or sure how things are gonna turn out.


I tried LOL and I hated it. If this game died I probably wouldn’t move to another MOBA.

At worst I would probably play Battlerite.


It’s the last option I will take, right now I’m playing Smite and Paladins mainly. Eventually I may try it but I’ve been having a lot of fun with those 2, especially Paladins.


Battlerite could be better if we can control it like a moba. dont understand why devs like having OW controls for with those kind of games… its a horrible way to control the character.


It took a LOT of time to get used to, but I kind of like the game despite the wonky control scheme.


just give me a game like that with moba controls and I will be happy lol.


It looked super weird to me just off the screenshots/store page so I didn’t give it a try. Is it like top down OW/Paladins in a way?