Who has the weakest 20

Fury of the storm is great for zag IMO, but I I do feel she needs another talent. Most characters have four to choose from and she only has 3


Fury of the Storm needs a dire change.

Should be renamed “Fury of the Swarm” literally unplayable.


I had to double check cause I thought it was fury of the swarm…

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2 years ago, I kept reading it as Swarm, what a wasted opportunity.

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Out of the Heroes I play I’d have to say my least favourite options would be tied with Cassia (Aside from The Ball obviously , the ball is broken especially in Silver on Infernal shrines)

And Li Li

I mean not going to lie I think at least half of Li Li’s talent teirs need an overhaul 4 and 20 my personal pet peeves.

Great thread. I’ve been pretty passionate about making more Level 20’s feel epic and game-breaking, so I got a lot of notes from the replies here.


Thanks for chiming in on the forums today. Seeing developers engaging with the community means a lot to the players.


Hope some of these notes consider Tracer level 20.

I understand that “Total Recall” is powerful but it feels like its overshadowed by the power house that is “Get Stuffed” due its even insane power spike to the point I no longer feel like I need to pick that talent anymore.

or the fact “Composition B” could be a nice option to pick if “Sticky Bomb” wasn’t overshadowed by how powerful “Quantum Spike” on level 10 is.

With that said I would love to see some love for Tracer’s talent tree because she feels like she’s been stuck in the same build with very little to no variety in choosing different talents for the past year and a half.


Thank you! I wanted to do who has the best 20 but I am afraid of the nerf hammer now! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Polybomb uprgraae on medivh literally makes it shorter

If it doesn’t spread it’s a nerf


Can you please buff varian twinblade’s level 20? That is one of my greatest wishes for one of my favourite heroes and I really don’t think it would break the game.

In fact, if the current design of Frenzy doesn’t lend itself well to buffs, please just scrap it and give varian a different level 20 talent.

I just feel really bad knowing that varian has a level 20 talent that gives 7.5% attack speed and 7.6% movespeed and the numbers are a fraction of what every other hero has at level 16 or level 7 or even level 1 (e.g. compared to Qhira’s level 1 talent that gives 30% damage and 35% attack speed against targets below half hp and a default 15% damage)

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Artanis 20 are kinda bad

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I think they are underrated

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Also explain why plz!

-Zealot charge is useful but it’s still an old lvl 16 talent they lazily just moved to 20.
-Shield aoe dps is nice on paper but most of the time the shield deplete so fast. Also the utility of an aoe dmg coming so late is questionable.
-Double blind is nice and is often taken I believe. Suck a bit when you die before using the second one but still decent.
-Lazer is kinda win more talent. Speed got nerfed a little too. Can look OP in some games and useless in others. You can also get flamed if ennemy team got some aa heroes and you didnt pick blind.

Overall not awful 20 but far from the best when you compare with other heroes imo.


20 Characters requir


His Unleashed talent remains relatively useless aside from the occasional flashy moment on youtube.

His Fang and Claw talent is just a weaker version of Blunderbuss.

Gilnean Roulette can almost never get more value than hitting one target unless the enemy team is sitting in a perfect line for you. Maybe give it the ability to also ricochet once off walls, that would be cool and appropriate.

Blunderbuss is the only strong choice at lvl20. I highly suggest that this gets looked into.


Pretty much every lvl20 he has is simply outclassed due to having access to the phenomenal amount of power provided by Rewind. He definitely could use a talent rework, needs to get rid of generics while still keeping him enjoyable to long time players of him, like myself.


Call of the Wildhammer manages to be both superficial and entirely useless at the same time. The extra range is relatively not needed as the ability already has an impressive range as is and the 25% bonus damage is negligible. Luckily, it’s the only 20 that’s lacking.

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I wondered where Brand of Solarion (Imperius) came from, now I think I know. Made Imperius’s 20 gameplay pretty damn epic if I do say so myself. I do have one critique though… for “Brand of Solarion”, increase the duration of the Celestial Charge brand 4 seconds (to make up for the duration lost by the stun) and keep Solarian Brand/Molten Armor at 3 seconds.

As for weakest level 20’s… I feel that Arthas’s are pretty weak. The sustain is alright, don’t care for AMB (which heals very little), which really leaves the minor speed increase. None of them feel epic, that’s for sure.

imo, both of greymane’s ult upgrades are so situational that they can’t really be used effectively.

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On the flip side, his old level 20s got moved to 16 meaning he gets an earlier power spike. Weak level 20s compensate for his strength at 16.

I was not expecting Arthas to be part of this conversation. All his level 20s are so strong. Apples to apples, 10% movespeed sounds like a weak storm talent, but given the nature of the rest of his kit this is an absolute powerhouse.

For me it’s Diablo. Ill admit its more to do with how i feel as opposed to reality. His level 20s have respectable power, but i do miss the gigantic size of the lightning breath upgrade.

I also wanted to shout out to illidan’s bolt of the storm. What’s with that?