Where is Power brief Tychus?

So, we have summer loot boxes, and Power Drench Tychus can be purchased, but Power brief Tychus doesn’t show up.

Why is that?

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I’ve noticed that you can receive in loot boxes skins and mounts that aren’t available to purchase, but for some reason are in the loot boxes. I think I got the Tychus skin you mentioned in a loot box drop.

Both skins look similar though.

Power Brief

Power Drench

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I’m not sure what is and isn’t available. I received in a loot chest a Hell’s Screamer Luchihuahua, which isn’t for sale in the collection either in a bundle or on its own for shards, but as I said, I did get it in a loot chest. It seems like a muddle what is for sale and what you can get in chests.

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Since only I found Azure Power Briefs Tychus within the Loot Chest, that skin along with most others had not in any Gems/Shards purchase from the Collection, as have see more skins can found within bundles only (Limited).

Spring items is just limited as I already answers for it next time I can go on to Chromie with Techno Vandal skin.