When is the last time you saw Maiev?

Bring her back in meta

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Just buff her wardens vault cd by 1s and she is great again for all leagues

Please no X) out of all the heroes Maiev is the scariest to buff. Besides, Maiev mains (all 3 of them on planet earth) can still make a lot of good plays (Im saying this cause I know one)

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I am a master maeive lvl 146

Only a tiny % play her. She is so niche compared to johanna valla etc that I find her badly balanced.
She doesnt shine in other ranks only above dia 3 and in masters she is already niche and not even a instalock or ban worthy.
(Dw zera etc and xul are most banned atm)

how about a 10% HP buff. lel

(sorry, saw xul, and that reminded me of the outrageous HP buff he got)


Go play elite AI and watch her delete people.
I do not want her be strong in the hand of random assassin player number 409865 it will be reworked kerrigan again.

She is one of the hardest heroes to pull of in teamfights and only about 1% of the playerbase know how to play her above average so buffing her would just make her a god in their hands.

I’ve seen exactly two good Maiev players since her nerfs
And both have been during brawl games.