When did Li Li turn into Fai Ly?

Stereotype: a healer with some throughput (Brew), some pad (Serpent) and Blind, countering AA heroes. Possibly a troll.

Facts: her throughput is among the lowest, she lags behind most, if not all healers until 10, or rather 16, where double Q or percent-W comes alive. While she can troll effectively with the illusion of being out of position, the entire team just waiting to pounce on the pouncer, she can easily die in 1 second from any kind of pouncing (unless the team is to save her). Her Blind and Serpent attack heroes, therefore she cannot approach towers. Hence she is a backline healer.

Among her counters are: Butcher, Tracer, Tychus, Raynor, Falstad, Zul’jin, Valla.
(I checked this on Heroes Profile after a repeated experience of being wrecked by badly by these heroes.)

So, what’s her point now? I don’t recall any recent nerfs, although some above heroes have been buffed.

Last season I was okay with her still, but now I’m about 31% and while it could be attributed to my extreme lack of luck this season, including hard countered in QM and facing smurfs, her global winrate is 46.5%. My healer winrate is actually 48% so she is the worst - and that’s talking about low Silvers, where she is supposedly OP.

https ://heroespatchnotes.com/hero/lili.html

Starting with 31.10.2018 patch, except Hindering Winds (justified) everything else was a mistake.

Makes sense.
Edited my post, though, I have a lifetime 55% or so with her, and that all started after Malfurion has been changed. Almost level 90 in the process.
So luck aside, it’s the past 1-3 months.

Oh I actually confused talents.

2018-08-22 Balance Update

Level 13

  • Gale Force (E)
    • Blind duration bonus reduced from 1 to .75 seconds

This was justified, every other nerf later on was not.
(damn the time flies)

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yeah I remember enjoying early days li li much more than the current iteration.

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Heh, I just got complaints that my abilities are not healing enough.
My ult almost - but not entirely - counters a fully eaten 4 man Xul heroic. According to my team, it sucks. I guess it should be able to heal a full team from 0 to 150% alone, I suppose, like every other healing heroic does. /s For sure it cannot save a person who is focused, even from 100% he will die getting all Jugs.

Sure, they were passive toxic AF, but anyway.

Based on how easy to play, Li Li needs to be weak? Okay, but that means Brightwing and Lucio needs to be worse. They simply need to be in position, and it just happens. On Hots Logs, Lucio has the #1 throughput (90k), Brightwing is 3rd (77k) and Li Li 7th (73.5k).

Well, she is the polar opposite of Ana, who has only aimable skillshots (sleeping dart, healing dart, biotic grenade, with only nano-boost a potential point and click).

Li Li has nothing but point and click abilities (or in the case of Q - it can even be held down all game) so buffing her is a hard sell.


Not with current release pace imo.

You mean the heroes she counters?

I’m sorry but I have no issues with Li Li, I always thought she was a bit strong being able to solo heroes such as sylvanas. But I do play Li Li offensively with the dual serpents and crit healing.

I actually addressed that in my OP :slight_smile:

I did pick Li Li against AA comps “as I should” and then realized that they are scoring 100-150k hero damage anyway, outscoring mages massively, and usually winning.

Then a bit of fact checking and surprise.

If hero A has 57% winrate against B, then in my book A counters B.
If hero A has the best winrate against B, then in my book A is the best counter for B.

Level 1 talent that gives you extra blind on your W. That is her purpose now. Doesn’t matter what rank you’re in, if you use your blinds right, that’s where Li Li is actually good and what her purpose is. She does not heal, she blinds. She just does enough healing to get you by while you get in the enemy team’s face and autoattack, duck out of threat range of the enemy tank/initiatiors while shutting down any and all aggressive opportunities for their AA. You get your heal at level 10.

Where are you checking that, because when I use Lili against Zul’Jin or Raynor it feels almost unfair.

And when I check on heroes profile, Butcher is the ONLY one of those heroes who is strong against her.

I’m comparing your stats to platinum and master players. You’re doing fine, but could be more aggressive to proc her trait more often and adding up more hero dmg from spells. Worry less about taking mercs and put yourself more in danger. Your healing output is already over the top.