When and what is blizzard going to stop suicidal and afk players?

i have been playing ranking games in Asia server for the last 2 years.
Recently i encountered a lot of suicidal and afk players in the ranking games.
They are same IDs repetitively showed up in my game. i reported them after game and GM and Blizzard support.
NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING, and these misbehaved IDs are growing, 20-25 out of my last 30 games are suicidal team players (4 out of 5) and afk. Many similar posts were reported in Asia discussion forum but no one’s been doing anything.

Kaeo Milker is finally stepping out to emphasize Blizzard value, can we start with providing players a clean, fair and competative platform to enjoy and not just neglecting players feedback, pretending the system works but rotting inside…


If you are talking about RD and X they haven’t stop them since the game launched. RD and X are both back ruining ranked again. These are not real names, anyone on the Aussie and NZ servers know who they are though.

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They do noting RD just ruined my last game, I beat his trolling easy 2 games in a row but drew the short straw on got him on my team. 12 death Valla 10k damage for a 17min match.

Blizz only cares about abusive chat, not this person for 5 years!

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I was just in a game with him. He went AFK disconnected for half the match yet somehow convinced the team he wasn’t trolling. X and RD are the same person and trolls that Blizz lets obliterate the fun of other players while they silence people who speak out about them.