Well, I did it: level 15 Tassadar

No, this is not an accomplishment.

But when the details came out about the rework, I decided that I would level Tassadar (then level 8) to 15, in homage. So I rolled up my sleeves and dove into solo QM.

I really, really enjoyed it. And I’m pleased with my numbers:

  • Games: 20
  • Win Rate: 50%
  • KDA Ratio: 15.56
  • Average Takedowns: 12.45

I will give the new Tassadar a fair shot, but I will miss the old very much. What a fantastic kit pre-rework Tassadar has! Probably I will shift (pun intended) to another character I quite enjoy, who has a kit that is in some ways similar to his: Tyrande. I am also looking at Medivh now.

En taro Tassadar.


Playing him listening to deja vu spamming E on cooldown (on AI to not ruin games).