Wallpaper Art: The Final Goodbye (Art by MrJack & Peter Lee)

Heroes of the Storm #24 - The Final Goodbye
Art by Mr–Jack (Luke Mancini) & Peter Lee

Ultra-wide: [HotS: #24 - The Final Goodbye](http:// fav .me/922957701)
Left Side: [HotS: #24a - The Final Goodbye](http:// fav .me/922957671)
Right Side: [HotS: #24b - The Final Goodbye](http:// fav me/922957684)
Alternate: [HotS: #25 - The Final Goodbye II](http:// fav .me/922956878)

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With Heroes of the storm going into Maintenance Mode: link I wanted to give Heroes a proper send-off in wallpapers. My last one was a remake of Diablo.

I wanted to go out with a bang. I wanted to make a wallpaper that featured all 18 heroes from the game. But they felt so cramped. So I went all out and made an ultra-wide wallpaper to give them all room.

I also using a backdrop I hadn’t used before but was available now. I also pulled artwork by Peter Lee showing a portal that the early heroes were jumping into. I though why not try and emulate that but as everyone is coming out of the portal to enter the nexus one more time.

I didn’t try to accurately size everyone. I tried but I also wanted to make sure they all fit in a way.

I hope you all like. What a send-off. Should there ever be a new diablo hero added to the game. I will make a wall for them.

Enjoy everyone.

Thank you to everyone on the team who worked on, and made HotS a fun game. I will always treasure my time playing in the friends and family alpha seeing the game go from StarCraft II to its own full blown game. The changes were amazing.

My profile image in game will always be the alpha tag.

Thanks Blizzard


Art by Mr–Jack, and Peter Lee
Heroes of the Storm & Diablo (C) Blizzard
Wallpaper arranged by me.

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