Viking Longboat Sound Effect

I’ve recently tested how longboats sound effect works, and it turns out, it is vision based, which is actually kind of a big deal and increases its application decently, I still would like it to get a buff but this is just more to add to the pile that boat can work better then recall if played well in its niche.

So why does the sound effect being vision based improve longboats viability? Well although the ultility of boat at 10 isn’t great this certainly helps it a lot in the sense that unlike what I had previously thought, you cannot track down a viking boat with hovering your camera over the fog of war, which you can do with stuff like abathur’s and dehaka’s global tunnel, meaning that it becomes a lot more viable of an escape tool, say your running away from the enemy team, eric is likely to get away but baelog and olaf might die if they’re chased for very long, so if you manage to hide eric behind a cliff and then boat (while only selecting eric, utilising boat’s weird casting), you can get away without the enemies having any idea which direction you actually went, plus it’s an instantanious effect which it has still got over recall.