US-EST based pair looking for steady group for SL

Myself (Bruiser/Tank main but flexible) and my Wife (Healer/RDPS main can also flex) are looking for 2-3 solid players to coordinate with in SL (We have a possible third but are flexible if we find a 3-person party to group with). We understand macro and meta, and we play our parts, just looking for others to communicate with and start upping these win rates (Currently dropped from Silver 5 to Bronze 2 after going 28-33 this season and too many close matches with people ignoring pings/overextending/taking fights they shouldn’t to count). If you want to come climb out of the depths of Bronze Hell with us let me know!

Hey, my mains are Kael, Azmo, Illidan and Tass, but I’m flexible to play any role if needed. Just looking for some cool people to play the game with. Been practicing in QM for a long time, so I’m rusty in draft picking, but have a ton of game experience over 6 years and actually climbed into the highest ranks way back in like season 1 or 2. I’ve got a lot of free time, so scheduling shouldn’t be any issue for me as long as it’s not before 4pm on weekdays

Super sorry for the delayed response, I didn’t actually expect to see any after the first couple of days :expressionless: Feel free to add me on BNET Killface#11629 and we’d be happy to play some rounds!

Ok, sent the friend request!

Central US here but should be close enough in the timezone to be compatible and bronze 1 or silver 5 cant remember off the top of my head. I play a variety of heroes so role is decently flexible but my heals are mediocre at best so I tend to avoid that. Wolfstrum#1148 if you wanna take a look at the stats via friend request.

Hello, please add me Unbizon#21345