Undocumented change makes Celestial Charge, Imperius' Q, almost useless

Before this patch, if you didn’t hit an enemy with Celestial Charge you would be able to moved pretty much immediately after the dash completed. Now Imperius is stunned for about 1.5s after casting Celestial Charge even if he doesn’t hit anyone. It’s basically the same amount of time as if he had hit someone, but now it’s just a self-stun for no reason. This is a huge stealth nerf to Imperius.


There was already a previous mention of this BS Stealth nerf / Bug earlier in the forums… they need to fix this ASAP!

yes it is huge hidden nerf,also if you hit deathwing same self stun happenning.even 0.5 sec is important in moba games.imperius is not playable now

Hey NovaBot,

We are aware of this issue and looking into it now, thank you for the report!


still no change.if you nerfed it just say?

It was clearly intended to be a shadow buff as his old behavior forced him to be unable to que up commands and default AA the nearest target after the channel. I’ve found him to be able to attack intended targets now (when landing the Q). I have only experienced this bug a couple times while playing him but it may just be an unintended behavior stemming from that change.

Thank you Huginncord!