Trolling with Deathwing's level 7 meteor talent

Hi all,
I have been seeing players picking Deathwing’s level 7 meteor talent and never coming down from the sky for the rest of the matches. The account in this video has been doing it for weeks. I am surprised he is able to continue to do it still.


i am sorry you ran into this guy, i know if i did i’d give him a report to but eventually hell be banned for such actions, heck he might already be banned and making a smurf as we speak


Seems unlikely though. He has been doing it for the past 19 days based on his profile. That is maybe over a hundred matches over 3 weeks. Makes me wonder if the reports even work.

On a slight tangent… perhaps Deathwing’s meteor should be tweaked to prevent behaviors like this.

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Seems like a very productive use of someone’s time.

Spend a few minutes in a game doing nothing.

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Like I said Deathwing is like a bird he just wants to fly away. He does not know were his home is.

In all seriousness i hope this guy get banned. If they do change it, maybe 3 charges and you have to be forced to land

How bored with one’s life must one be to do this.

Reminds me of early Medivh players though.


Skyfall should trigger the afk timer unless you hit a hero with it.


I mean, it looks like the person in the video WAS hitting people (or at least trying) in it. that doesn’t fix the problem, sadly.

But, the problem is there will always be idiot (to be nice) players.


+1, Still allows afk trolling but that would be a good first step towards making the trolls life harder.

There can’t even be a legitimate reason for only hitting minions for that long while in the sky. At least with Heroes there is the theoretical chance they’re delaying an objective channel for multiple minutes.

how long is the afk timer anyhow?

If it is a minute, seems reasonable.

I could see a series of bad events leading a DW to miss heroes and be flying up to 40-50 seconds or so

I think it is currently 2:30 or 3 minutes, I can’t think of any legit reason why DW would only hurl rocks from the sky at Minions for 3 mins at any point in the game.

If forced to hit Heroes to avoid the timer they’d at least be a slight help to the team during a fight.

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That’s why you dont play Quick Match. In HL these people are stuck in bronze 5.

Well that was new as you cant stay in the air for too long until you get flagged for afk so you need to throw down stones on enemy players to prevent afk flagging to activate.

Also doing this for 3 weeks straight just to ruin peoples games. I would really want to know what he even gain from this other then alot of reports and tons of angry players that dont want to play with him anymore. There are really no real satisfaction in this unless he likes to watch other players lose again and again.

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That i agree , i like playing Deathwing but its too easy for someone to just AFK in the sky. However i guess same could be said of abathur and medivh. It wouldnt be an easy one to figure out.

But i hate players like this.

What the OP displayed is very bad behaviour. Considering though the extra generous 2:30 sec AFK timer at the beginning of matches, the very lackluster AFK detection in general, I don’t think deliberate AKF players have ever been a priority.

Abusive chat has, because it’s easy to detect, never has AFK been a priority. I don’t care if it is pinned or that I get an email every 6 months saying they have taken action.

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Im wondering this about a lot of trolls. Especially the ones who give up and stay in base while still moving


I can kinda see it, tbh, personally I usually have a book/ebook near me whenever I’m at my computer.

So I could see someone having something to fiddle with and getting PO part through match, and no want leaver penalty…

Stupid imo, but I can see how it could happen.

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Or maybe trolls like him like to watch people lose for their own amusement.

I hope no ones life is in such a negative state that watching that is the best way they have to amuse themselves. :frowning:

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That’s why i said it. I could care less if someone troll one game but to troll games for 3 weeks in raw then the person must have a mental problem. I have tried it before were a KT on my team was laughing in caps when we team wiped at the end of the game while he had spent the game feeding whole game and calling us all noobs when we died. So yes those kind of trolls exist.

They dont care if they lose or win. They just join to mock people and try making more and more players leave this game cause they hate blizzard and want this game to die.