Tracer moderately nerfed, changes may come soon?

Last December 2019 AMA one of the questions was related to changes for Tracer and the devs confirmed without getting into details.

I’m honestly curious what would they be…

Now that Tass is gone aka her best bet I would lean her being one of the worst Ranged Assassins to play draft wise (though I might be over exaggerating).

Sure there are other heroes to pick but they were never close to the power house and that was Tass especially with her only viable build and embarrassing talent tree that made this really effective to begin with.

I hope to see something in the next balance patch when it comes to this.

Also could be possible but other hyper carries may or may not be buffed but it could be a possibility.


Here’s more nerfs regarding her in general post the live patch, some are datamined while others are clear.

  • Ricochet aggro towers indirectly due bounce prioritization, an already must pick talent competing with weak none competitive tier.
  • Reload duration went from 0.75s to 0.8125s.
  • Melee-Reload bug fixed.

Hmmm… Does this count as a Tass topic for the drinking thread?

And honestly, unless they also do something about Abathur, I don’t think Tass going away is quite enough to warrant buffing her by itself.


Abathur doesn’t provide the similarity that Tass did tbf.

And they just fixed a melee/reload interaction that made her attack while reloading, so there’s definitely something coming.

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I could see tracer getting an health buff and maybe some buffs to things like leeching rounds.
Not going to gain 200 hp like xul though.

Yeah that xul buff is not what i am thinking of.

I just hope they at least try fleshing out her talent tree.

Inb4 the devs tell you to pick zarya instead like someone advised us…


Anyone saying to combo Zarya with Tracer is clueless about how bad this combo is to begin with.

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Wasnt there also a combo with zarya auriel tracer? (Real question)

Tracer needs some independance, health needs to stay but maybe recall needs to work as in OW. That she gets health back for the good or the bad

I don’t know , i think it would be a good moment to buff tracer and genji with tassadar gone and with the future anomaly.

It may be why we have not seen zeratul and samuro nerfed to unplayable status despite the holy crusade against them.

Good nerf her back to overwatch

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Let me know when you contribute something meaningful, thanks.


+1 AA damage, there’s your buff /kappa


You dont need to you post everything already

Im glad tracer lost her best friend

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No, it’s not. I’m sure he’s a friend I play with sometimes.

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