Too many blinds

Does anyone else feel like there are too many blinds in the game now. There’s 7 heroes that blind and if layered properly, you can keep at least the important people blinded for nearly 30 seconds straight.


I’m fine as a marksman against blinds. The worst ranked match I ever had was on BoE. I was raynor or zuljin against Johanna, pre-rework cassia, lili, and artanis. Sadly we also had valla on my team. Not sure if we won or lost that one but the odds were very stacked against us unless valla didn’t go AA build.
Pre-rework cassia and lili are bad so maybe that evened out the game. I’m not sure if Artanis had an infinite stacking quest in that match as it was months ago, and he was a bad hero anyway.

I don’t feel like there are too many. There’s quite a bit of heroes that can silence too. Seven come to mind, but there could even be more if I really dug into the talents, just none I can think of off the top of my head. There are far more heroes with the ability to stun than silence or blind. I’m more concerned about that, personally.

How :interrobang: :frowning: :interrobang:

There are 2 many stuns in the game

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Oh, oh, fun time!

Artanis ult for 4? seconds.
Lili with the talent that makes it go back to 10sec if it hits 2, with the talent to make it last .75 longer, so 2.25? seconds.
Johanna with the … 1.5? seconds.
Cassia with… no clue, something seconds?

By the time you do that, maybe Lili will have it back up (especially if she’s being wailed on), so another 2.25 seconds.

Johannas might be back up soon, for another… 1.5?

Cassia might be back up soon for however.

Okay, I’ve lost my train of thought. Basically if people perfectly rotate them you might be able to lock down blinds for quite a while with a VERY VERY coordinated group :crazy_face:

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The longest Blind in the game is Valeera’s Cheap Shot with the level 13 Blind talent, at 4.5 seconds. Because of Valeera’s mechanics, Cheap Shot has a cooldown of 8 seconds but an effective cooldown of 11 seconds if you want to actually hit someone. The second-longest Blind is Suppression Pulse at 4 seconds, with a 50 second cooldown but 2 charges at 20. Perfectly timed, that covers Vanish’s cooldown and range up. The third longest blind is Li Li’s Blinding Wind with Gale Force on 13, at 3 seconds every 12 seconds (granted, Li Li’s trait means that number is typically lower).

So, 4 from Artanis, 4.5 from Valeera, 3 from Li Li, 4 from Artanis, 4.5 from Valeera, 3 from Li Li. That’s 21 “uninterruptible” consecutive seconds from 3 heroes.

Theoretically speaking, if you want to massively overkill someone, you could keep them blinded indefinitely with those three. I don’t think that proves anything, but it was fun at least.

EDIT: Wiki was out of date, and Li Li’s blind is only 2.25 seconds with Gale Force. I’m not redoing the math for this dumb joke post. She’s still tied for third though (with Auriel’s Blind talent), since every other blind is 2 seconds or less.


Blind makes you mis 2 autoattacks

Auriel and li li requires them to be out of position if they cast it on the ranged assassins. I see this more as a win for you then a win for them


It’s for the entire duration of the blind though, not just 2 auto attacks.

Say Valeera blinds for 4.5s and Artanis for 4s right after that, that’s zero damage from a hero like Zul’jin, Raynor or aa Valla for nearly ten seconds. Most teamfights are over by then.

Not that this ever happens in public games. I’ve never seen anyone chaining blinds in coordination, just to shut down a certain hero.

Most AA heroes can also play around this kind of extreme shut down by choosing other builds (like Q Valla, Greymane with full wolf form swing talents, W Zuljin and so on)

Li LI has a talent in 1 take makes her Cloud Serpent apply a blind too. So she can easily chain two 1.5s/2.25s blinds back to back using both Cloud Serpent then Blinding Wind (depending on which talent at 13 was taken).

Cloud Serpent has a cast range of 8, which casts a Blinding Wind around the serpent target. Blinding Wind has a range of 7. Those are also both instant cast abilities so she doesn’t really has to get out of position to use them.

I queue up as a team a lot and I never saw someone doing this. But with the recent changes to unstopable (cleanse) vs blinds this woudnt be too much of an issue. With a mention to jimmy who can give unstopable on 20. Valla has 2 good ults and spell dmg vs the blind.
Let alone say if they pick valeera and artanis into the same comp all you need to do is clear some waves and call it GG

The only time I saw anyone chaining cc was stuns, and those were 5 player premades probably using voice chat.

I don’t think the community is evolved enough to chain blind someone indefinitely during a fight, though it absolutely can be done.
Except maybe some ex hgc pros who communicate with each other.

Then what do I know as a crappy plat pleb, but like you I have never, ever seen it happen.

For lore’s sake, Illidan needs to be immune to blinds because “[he’s] blind, not deaf.” So casting blind on him would be like dumping saltwater on a shark.

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Im not saying its a good thing to do, just that it’s possible but post 20 artanis has 8 seconds worth of blinds with a 10 second gap between.

Lili has a 2.25 second blind with a roguhly 9-10 second cd assuming shes getting hit.

Cassia has a 2 second blind on a roughly 7 second cd.

Johanna can blind for about 7 seconds if you pick up the level 7 blind talent.

And finally valeera has a 4 second blind on an 8 second cd.

Even with out art’s ults, the duration of the blinds is longer than any of the cds. You could, hypothetically, keep someone blinded indefinitely.

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you can exert all that effort into keeping someone blinded indefinitely while a mage destroys your backline if you want, sure.

You dont even need to do it idefinitely, Just long enough to win a team fight. If you blind raynor for 14 seconds just with lili and artanis, you’re basically fighting a 5v4, and then put in a medhiv to deal with the mage dmg.

Time for the triple mage comp.