To devs of this useless game

90% of matches I must play with players 40%. I have more MPV than wins. Iam not duck for others to kill for free.
REPEAR IT or give me my spend to play this game. Beter place for money is trash bin than blizzard studio. You waste all chances for make someting good.

Someting must by wrong if most games me as a healer make more dmg than our dps?. Everyone who play with me telling its not posible to have so unlucky allies. Nobody want play with me because all idiots from server attract to me. Meybe blizzard make politic like now must pay for make fair games? how much?

As a user i have law to play fair games, not like blizzard make my team as randoms 40%winratio idiots, and set opisitive norman teams, consisting of people. I dont want play this game more, its heavy trash. PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY WHAT I INVEST

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today i play with total potato Assasin they have damage like a healer I report him for afk, And genius matchmaking make 3 games in row with this potato assignet to me… :poop: