Things seems to be getting better imo


Minus the bug where the bots randomly going back to base, they are much better in almost everything they do.
Bugs like the ready button that has existed since the beta of the game is finally getting some attention.
The rework on Anna gave her more identity as a healing sniper, especially her level 20 talent.
Meanwhile Abathur feels much less clunky to use. No more getting uninteresting talents just to heal your teammates, waiting for Symbiote cooldown to end for half of the game. Though the talent that gives an additional charge of stab is even more useless now.
Overall, it made me feel like a new dev team has taken over and decided to fix the frustrating aspects of the game one at a time. Keep it up :smiley:


Darling it’s easier and cheaper to do reworks or address problems that have been here since Alpha than release new heroes or content.

Pity they didn’t focus on these issues years ago when the game had more players.