There is a way to always turn on spell range indicator (for those who quick cast)


Rich seems to be able to do it. See this video at 4 minute 30 seconds onwards:

Anyone knows how that is done? Seems useful to always know telekinesis range


Looks like the “cast on release”-setting to me.


You can see rich performing all kinds of actions though, he isn’t holding a key down for any spell


On release refers to the mouse button, not the key; but i´ll rewatch just to be sure.

EDIT: The english subs only say he turns off smart (quick cast probably) for some skills, so the indicator is that. What irritates me is that the indicator for tthe teleport is there all the time,but that might be a quirk of try mode.


yes that is the only odd thing im seeing happen. i dont know what is going on.

its this part here:


Thanks for linking the video. I went into trymode and couldn’t get my indicator to show like that…

Someone please shed some light on how rich does it


I want to know that.
And I would have some abilities on non-stop…


It might be a glitch but that would be handy for quick cast if you were able to turn it on for an ability of your chosing.


Pretty sure this is a bug in try mode. Try mode has A LOT of bugs and weird interactions that don’t happen in a real game.


ya, even in game strange and even obscure bugs can happen. just the other day i had a bug where morales medivac timer stayed active on me! it wouldnt go away. the only way it would disappear was when morales called another medivac and i entered it.

maybe i will find the replay and put it in bug reports. its just such an uncommon edge case bug where things have to go exactly one particular way i doubt many ppl run into it often. i know i have heard of it happening before.


I just went into Try Mode on Blaze to test the Quick Cast settings. If QC is On, you do not see the range indicator. if it is set to On Release, you will see it as long as you have the hotkey held down. It is not tied to the mouse, but the actual keybind. So for example, I typically use On Release for Blaze’s Jet Propulsion (E). As long as I have the E key held down, I can see the range indicator following my mouse. As soon as I release E, it is cast in whatever direction my mouse is pointing, as indicated by the range indicator.

If you have QC turned off, you will always see the indicator, but it isn’t always an ideal way to cast abilities.

Edit: One other thing to note, when you use On Release, you can see the indicator change color depending on whether or not it will collide with an enemy hitbox. So for example, for Jet Propulsion, the indicator is yellow when I will miss, and green when I will hit. Of course, I still have to predict any movement or jukes, but it will at least let me know they are in range.


Ive never used on release… So you press E and hold it which brings up the direction indicator, once you release E it casts without having to click?


Correct. If you simply tap E without holding it down, it basically acts as regular Quick Cast. If you hold it, you see the range/direction indicator. I like using On Release for anything that uses vector targeting, such as Blaze’s W, as it makes lining it up far more precise, or skill shots where hitting someone is critical, such as his E. I have his Q set to regular Quick Cast.


Cool, I will have to give it a try. i graduated to quickcast last year - which i do like - but on release may be better for some heroes


@Hoku, Rich definitely don’t have any keys held down so it is not an “on release” indicator. If you watch the video, the range indicator was active while he casted other spells (multiple spells in fact).

@Darak and others saying it’s a bug, that is possible but Rich seemed to have full control of it. In fact, earlier in the video he also turned it on to show lightning strike (see 2min26 of the video) and at other points in the video too


Ah, I hadn’t watched the video, but it looks like he is using command line arguments to permanently show the range on his E.


What are command line arguments please? How do I do it?


Oh man having something like this in a game would be so nice. If this could be available without the need to change cast settings I’d like to know how to enable it.