The State of Heroes of the Storm A.I

I thank that NewsCenter have been longtime supporter of Blizzard but today I didn’t know it about those MMORPG for Blizzard.

It’s a bot it’s not an AI.

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Bot = Entity with AI

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the new behaviour of the ai to hearthen back when a player leaves is mildly said crap.
It stays in the hall of storms and does nothing as long as no one pings it. Please revert this change. The ai is only usefull when laning or helping to take camps than going afk.


It doesn’t help that people with account levels in thousands still don’t know how to ping AI replacements! I had that a couple of times already, it’s not rocket science.

end rant

I agree that the AI shouldn’t immediately hearth, I can understand the reasoning behind this change to stop the AI from feeding maybe? It isn’t helpful though in the middle of a fight someone d/c and the AI run away to hearth. :frowning:


hearthing is not the real Problem. Everyone does it, when HP or Mana runs low. The issue is, the ai stays in the hall of storms and goes afk unless told otherwise by pinging her.

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yet the ai is the absolute worst its ever been

Y’know, the AI was fine when the game launched. If you would’ve added the new “return to base and stay there” priority, gave people with an AI on their team loss forgiveness, and left everything else alone, it would’ve been fine. But, in typical Blizz fashion, “if it ain’t broke, break it.”

Nearly every change you’ve made to the AI has made it worse. The only way to make it strong is to make it cheat, i.e. input reading and maphacking, which I can assure you 0 people find fun to interact with. The AI is either annoying af borderline god-mode or complete garbage, and neither are fun.

Roll the AI back completely to before HotS 2.0, make it hearth to base and stay there after combat has ended when someone DCs, add loss forgiveness. Done. Hire me.


Any chance you could make the AI actually work when someone leaves a match…which tends to be every damn match? The AI just sits in spawn and doesn’t respond to pings. Also, any chance you could fix the massive lag as of what…a week now? First Team Fight, game instantly freezes and instant death. Rest of the match, both teams get continuous D/C which results in an unfair match that is likely one-sided. I’ve been on both ends of this and it is repulsive.

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That’s not an issue, but a major improvement. Old AI had a tendency to just afk push lanes and get ganked by the enemy of nobody pinged them. Now at least you see immediately that the player left and can take action.


Fire everyone who worked on the AI and burn down the servers. You are clearly morons. Out of the last 15 games I’ve played 14 had quitters and I’ve had to spend the whole game pinging. I WILL NEVER GIVE BLIZZARD REAL MONEY!

but there is the catch. Most Player I encounter doesn’t care to carry the Bot around or even worser don’t know how to ping a Bot. When I have the opportunity to play the Carebear for the AI I’ll do. But playing Nova for example, you don’t want to have Rexxar and Misha on your trail, which happened just yesterday.

Then they don’t play to win and the whole discussion is moot anyway.

Yes, that’s an unfortunate situation. Did you try to ask in chat if anyone else can take them?


yeah I did, you can guess the reaction…
We lost within a few minutes.

Sad, but if they can’t even bothered to ping AI and prefer to literally play 4v5, do you really expect an honest win?


No, of course I was aware of that we would lose right at the moment when my teammate went afk and the AI returned to the Hall of Storms to stay there. I would prefer the AI getting ganked while clearing the lanes, than doing nothing. I don’t have the numbers but how much XP is the AI gaining by clearing the lanes as opposed to getting ganked and therefore giving the Enemy XP?

Just jaw breaking that they even write such thing.
AI? A hammer doesn’t even move and if it does it switches siege/move as much as it can. It doesn’t even fire a shot. That is 1 ONE hero’s behaviour. This article is so so so stupid? It’s beyond me how you can write “AI” and describe anything that doesn’t even come close to a BOT.

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AI now is terrible. Here is a replay of a Anduin who went AI at the start of a ranked game.
Please use the interface to view his POV/talents and see how he uses his pulls and does his positioning when pinged. Also how he approaches the obj

I hope this provides enough feedback to make the AI great again

The new AI is trash. This entire patch is trash. I have not had a single successful game, it’s been nothing but Tass vs Tass and every single hero I have spent years honing my skills on is suddenly useless. And just recently, my system crashed at the start of the game. the AI Tass not only picked a really bad build, they picked no build at all, just willy-nilly picking skills up to level 10, which left me completely useless when I finally rejoined.

“Nice” work! Game is alredy lost if someone leave. AI do nothing. Even if u chain it to u forget about soak/double soak. Old AI could soak free lane, new cant. Oh, i forgot, new do nothing. So do button “Give up” without rating penalty. Why i should lose my rating? Now such game is just waste of time.