The "it's obviously fault of someone else I lose" mentality

Yeah, there have been more than a few times where the whole team is playing way too passively, and I vehemently disagree with their retreat pings. I’ll usually relent and not die, but I’ll definitely say WTF why did you all leave lol.

Another one that I love “we are losing because Genji is not killing their entire backline, JUST GO IN GENJI!!!1!”


it’s true though

Anub’arak charges in alone and dies for the third time lategame while team is getting a camp

“Okay, Jaina is taking a camp, I guess… wish she would actually do damage or something”

Me: “Are you saying Jaina taking a camp caused you to charge in alone and die?”

…Yeah, I messed up… But Jaina, this whole game, …”

- The interaction I have with the hardstuck Bronze 5 player in the discord some of my friends are in just about every time he plays

Round 2 with the same player:

I’m playing Malf on an alt while in discord with the bronze 5 player playing Butcher, he doesn’t know I’m the Malf

Butcher charges in 1v4 and dies with Regrowth on and with me getting a 3-man moonfire for him before he died

“Okay, well this is the worst malf I’ve ever seen.”

Proceeds to complain about Malfurion’s build the entire game, ask “I don’t know what this Malf is doing” when I’m rotating and getting kills and pinging him to assist while he walks back and forth in mid lane all game, and then has me kicked out of the party after the game. Top damage/healing lowest-death Malf btw Kappa

When I told him it was me all he did was laugh nervously

First of all, that was not a developer but a community manager.

Secondly, it’s funny how you assume that response correct by default, and any criticism of that response (some of which is very well argumened) - stupid by default.

The developers can not be wrong, right? No developers ever make mistakes. Or make flawed systems on purpose because their priorities lie elsewhere from pursuit of fairness and balance.

And you just call a bunch of people “stupid”. No arguments, no justifications.
They argue a blue post = stupid.

I don’t even need to call you names - that position of yours speaks for itself.

While I can see that some of such posts are the result of people having delusions of false grandeur - it is extremely hard to argue that current matchmaker and MMR system is flawless and provides fulfilling and satisfying experience.

Most (over 80%) of my matches are one-sided stomping. Both losses AND wins. And neither is satisfying in the least. It is not satisfying to stomp people whom you can see are trying to struggle but they just can’t win because of an idiot or a flawed team comp. I literally feel like a bully sometimes when I WIN. And I feel helpless most of the time when I lose. And neither is a great feeling.

It is only natural that people will complain about losses more than they do about wins. That doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist. You are assuming that every time it is just whining of a loser, and that assumption is baseless and false.
At the same time, criticizing those who complain lets you elevate yourself in your own eyes, and those of few others who want to jump on your bashing train.
You aren’t “elite” or “skillful” because you (supposedly) never complain.

You want favorite quotes? Here, you can use mine:
"I hate 80% of my wins because they feel like a waste of time, spending 20 minutes on an uneaven one-sided match where the enemies can do nothing at all against my team, because the Matchmaker either made our team a perfect counter-comp to theirs, or have given them 1 decent player and weighted him down with 4 trash-league noobs who don’t know what they’re doing at all.
I hate those wins, because one-sided sucks either way. And it’s the fault of the matchmaker that prioritizes queue times over having a good game experience."

Happy? You can quote me.

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No, it was a developer. I’m not even sure if HOTS has community managers anymore lol.

When people say this, I know we’re dealing with a drama queen. Everyone gets stomps, they are brutal and unpleasant when they happen. They are not rare. However, they are not the norm.


If it WAS a developer, then clearly not one of those who actually knows how Matchmaking works.
Which can be easily deduced from the way he makes guesses and estimations instead of providing you with facts.
“Taking a crack at this” means he’s clearly not knowledgeable in the subject in any measurable manner.

When I hear this, I know that you merely aren’t skilled enough to know when the win was one-sided or not.
You win games. And you feel that many of those are won through your hard effort, without realizing that you had a huge advantage from the start.

I actually am that kind of crazy person who counted. And I counted how many of my wins are actually good and interesting games.
The result is - about 20-25%. 3 out of 4 wins are stomps. Especially when you exclude throws - when an enemy team is stomping us, then their tank dies 1v5 right before objective and we stagger deaths and win. That’s called a THROW. Doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a one-sided barely playable match.

I had a QM game last night where I was playing Murky on Hanamura vs Butcher, I was top, was going fine, didn’t die to Butcher once early game but my team fed butcher within the first 5 minutes, we lost and it was 100% my fault according to my team

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That reminds me of a game i played on my alt (silver 2) as anduin, saved the jaina roughly 8 times that game so she had no deaths, her positioning was so bad that i wish my trait had no cooldown.
So we won, they invited me to party and i joined, the next game i played malf, she had 10 deaths xD

The dude is a developer, not an engineer. He still more than capable to describe the system, and he does so quite well. He just doesn’t get super technical about it like an engineer does.

I know, it’s such a burden being not skilled enough to get masters multiple seasons as a healer main. Forgive me if I feel like your super subjective counting and evaluation of what games are considered stomps to not be the most credible.


AZ isn’t responsible for the MMR system, he said that himself. He also likely don’t want to say more than necessary because knowing the kinks of MMR is a touchy subject. It isn’t our job to find issues in the matchmaking, it’s theirs. If people would have through understanding of the MMR’s details they would have even more means to manipulate it.


Do you play Quick Match often?
Because that’s where Matchmaker shows most of its issues.

When you play Hero League (or whatever its called currently) - then of course the skill level of your games will be relatively equal. Not so in QM.

I mean, it is really easy to blame the Ana that has less healing than the tank and who picked Purifying Darts when the enemy team has 1 slow, no roots but several heroes with stuns.

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Yeah I QM more than ranked actually. QM has the bulk of the screwed up games. The amount of stomps (in my subjective estimation) still doesn’t even get close to 80%. That is just a ridiculous number of someone with the sensibilities of a victim complex control freak.

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You think he was writting 100% the truth? Or just a version of the truth

That’s not a “community manager” (Adam Jackson). That’s the person who developed and designed Deathwing. One of the main game designers for HotS.

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Character designer, then. Not systems designer and clearly not who designed Matchmaking.

Look, he even states this openly and points it out multiple times that he doesn’t know how the real thing works, but he can “hazard a guess” how it probably works.

And everything he says is true. In an ideal world, with unicorns. But it has flaws and oversights that he doesn’t go over, and THOSE are making the result less than ideal.

Again, stop committing a logical fallacy. It DOES NOT MATTER if he’s a designer or a CM. He is a person who doesn’t know for sure how the system works. And so his words should be

  1. Taken with a grain of salt
  2. Do not really go in conflict with the arguments against MMR flaws.

The only thing he says is that there’s no “forced 50%”. Which is OBVIOUSLY true.
But you guys, for some reason, take his words as “There’s nothing wrong with Matchmaking”, which there definitely demonstrably ARE a lot of things wrong with.
In reality, not on paper.
HOTS Matchmaker results in a lot of very unfulfilling, very one-sided games. That’s a FACT.
And it does put you on a roller-coaster of winstreaks and loss streaks. If you look at your match history - what you see is NOT a random distribution of numbers. There’s a clear pattern that losses and wins tend to group up into unbroken sequences.
And that’s a clear indication that there’s something very wrong.

But he is the Balance Designer for Heroes of the Storm according to the Hots Wiki, for more than 4 years. Why do you want to dispute someone who designs the game over a random forum user who can’t accept they are not destined for Grand Master?


Because the fact that he designs PART of the game doesn’t mean that he automatically knows how the ENTIRE game works.
And he speaks out of his field in that post.

It also doesn’t mean that criticisms of the MMR system have no grounds or no value.

So you know how the game works better than an employee with insider information… Ok.


I didn’t say that. Stop beating the strawman.

And he also didn’t address most of the Matchmaking concerns. He merely explained how ideally Matchmaking and MMR system would work and how it will make your performance converge, gradually, to 50% winrate.

He DID NOT address the issues that Matchmaking may be having. Only the claim that there’s a hidden logic to give you crap teammates.

The fact that such logic doesn’t exist - doesn’t mean that other flaws may not result in exactly the same. Which DOES happen in reality.

No, I do not know the game better than him.
But I claim that he’s just as clueless about the real process as I am - because he’s not the one who is responsible for it.