The "bad" build for Fenix!1112333
Everybody says the Plasma Cutter build is bad, but I play it a lot and find that I actually get more wins with it. So here it is. Play it if you like.
It’s fun.

Plasma cutter build is actually great, I have no idea why people said is not useful at all. However, I advice to never take Arsenal Synergy, that talent is actually bad but for some reason people say is not that bad.


That build, except with warp armor on 13 and cadence on 16 is the highest wr Fenix build there has been since release (why laser on 1? quest adds AA damage).

Ult is debatable but I find Salvo better in most cases unless you have Zarya/ETC to lock people for the combo. Or if you’re obsessed with keeping Aba from body soaking.

edit- all the popular and highest win ratio builds linked above include Warp Warfare as well, because it’s the only build allowing him to get teleport resets in teamfights (= more armor and more 175% aa speed)

Fenix lvl 1 is more of a skill-based tier.
The difference in damage output between the picks exists, but its small enough to often not bother stacking the quest or waving Ws, especially if you cant do that.

Imo, golden standard lvl 1 every hero should have. If you want to balance hero for everyone, thats how you do it.

Mobile Offense is problematic on lv1 though, because it’s bugged as shown on the bug report forum. If you stutter step fast enough the damage bonus isn’t applied at all.

So instead of rewarding skilled players it punishes them by being a hidden trap talent.
Please avoid this talent whenever possible until it’s finally fixed. Or spread the info to unaware Fenix players.

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Wtf, how do they break such stuff without touching it D: The same exact bug existed few years ago lol

(it kinda smells like Cassia’s Avoidance bug)

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the 16 ticks per second that is running everything in back.

Tick functions make you lose your mind.

The plasma cutter build is his best pve and team fight build. Not very good in 1v1s, but on maps like say braxis, it is extremely powerful. If you are good at " dancing" you can really push the dps on thier team and the slow.

If you win more with more power to you.
I am delving into arsenal synergy personnaly.

Here is my logic for each talent:
LVL 1: Take the quest since i suck with all other options.
LVL 4: Target Acquired: Has helped me escape and chase down
LVL 7: I go Combat Advantage cause that seems pretty good and i always forget to use divert power
LVL 10: Planet Cracker is just more fun
LVL 13: Faster Recharge seems like the best option here, especially if I have a healer
LVL 16: Arsenal Overcharge lets me use Plasma Cutter more often
LVL 20: #UnconqueredSpiritFTW

On a side note, I always seem to use Cutter at the incorrect range.

Wait you do not take the cutter level 20 this is treason!!!


I tried doing it once, it doesn’t seem to add any extra damage.

Wait what, it gives like 250 extra damage per Q, you have 3 of them in one Q and with Arsenal overcharge you always have Q. If you hit 3 heroes hith 3 Qs you have extra 2250 damage.


Would you recommend it over an extra life?

a friendly reminder, currently bodysoaking on Abathur is near zero gain for a massive amount of risk increase.

There is absolutely no reason to bodysoak as Abathur unless you’re 100% hatting allied heroes and avoiding using hat to soak.

If depends on the comp. If you don’t have healer or support or a tank that knows how to do his job, then you take the third life bar, but if you are sure you will survive team fights then pick more damage. The delay betwen shoot is surprisely useful to caugh out guard some heroes like maive, genji or medivh.

You can take the level 1 quest if you really want that extra CC but generally both level 1s are better and help you on your role as the solo laner. In 4 man outside of cassia every AA hero is much better. The level 7 Q just does way too little damage to even be considered an option especially when alternatives are so good. Arsenal overload at 16 and secondary fire at 20 is where the damage from Q build comes. It simply comes online too late, but it’s a lot of fun in ARAM.

I take your opinion pretty highly; what’s so bad about Synergy? I love it personally, Fenix is my go to assassin and ASyn my talent for him; being able to W into something like 300+ damage from the start is great. I then take the aspd on warp, and between those two talents and the armor on warp you can really harangue a target without suffering a lot of opportunity for counter.

But I really like the rhythmic cadence it brings to his damage patterns. Three shots, W, blast em and assess; if I’m safe I repeat, if not I back out. Q for peeling or chasing, and warp is a situation of which purpose it’ll serve better.

As the level 1 talents go, ASyn seems like the easiest to use.

Is related to timing, in the time you change weapons a lot of things can happen and oftenly you need to adapt to the situation, however, ASyn (as you wrote) has this issue that forces the player to don’t adapt in order to use the talent. If you don’t follow the combo you don’t have lv 1 talent and if you try to use the combo you are in risk of don’t adapt to the right situation and ending doing noting. The other level 1 talents are just better in any form. Q talent gives you more slows and more damage overall. The other level 1 talent just give you plain 25% of dmage when moving and you always need to be moving. Both talents doesn’t force you to any play stile is just good old fenix doing his job, switching acording to the enemy.
I consider any talent that forces the player to realize some kind of behavior as a bad talent. The player engage and reacts acording to the situation, not to a pattern, if you do that you will become too obvious and end dying.


To be blunt the risk only exists with Abathurs that aren’t attentive enough.

If the enemy team has stealth / dangerous globals, no reason to ever move out of the base. However any Abathur paying attention on a sufficiently large enough map can successfully body soak with minimal risk.

The point of body soaking is not to constantly attempt it, but to do it at points of opportunity where the enemy team is preoccupied.