Stuck going to a location


I had a lag spike and when I rejoined the game my character was stuck pathing to a location as if I had shift clicked there. The only way I could move around was if I held down right click. The game was unplayable so I quit hoping that rejoining would put me back to normal but when I clicked rejoin the game said error connecting.


Happened to me twice (or 3 timess mb). 2 times on cursed hollow at least. Bug lasting the whole games and I made the team lose because I couldn’t position properly…
It happened 2-3 times over a hundred games or so but this happening in ranked is tilting


Just happened again, very frustrating it would be great if blizzard could fix this issue


Just happened to me. Makes the game totally unplayable. When I try to rejoin entire client crashes.


Just happened to me on Cursed Hollow tooo… I lagged out for few sec and came back… hero kept going to a spot unless u hold down right click…

Anyone know any fix??


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the continued reports of this issue. We have this issue tracked and hope to have it fixed when we can. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


This has happened to me 4 or 5 times in the past couple months as well; seems like the last move command you (or maybe the ai) entered before you lagged out (or reconnected) becomes fixed somehow. Totally throws the game unfortunately :frowning:


Today I had same BUG.


Had the same issue repeatedly yesterday, playing Imperius in Cursed Hollow and Dragon Shrine. Is somehow unplayable when it happens


Also me. Spider Queen. But I was able to rejoin and it fixed it.


Same bug today 29/07. How can you buff +0.1% health on useless heroes and then doing nothing about this? Please fix this.


same thing happen in my last game today