Storm league que

we have been que for 2 hours now cant find a single game when everyone is diamond 3 or higher, could we somehow fix the que so at least we can play the game? we cant even get a single game.

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We have been anywhere from 500 seconds to 1000 seconds in que. That is with a gold and silver in our group so can imagine at that level you will have a very hard time finding a game. Do we still have moderators who view these forums ?

I think unless we get a resurgence in the player base in OCE things will continue this way.

I think the best suggestion at this time would be to lower the expanded search threshold from 660 seconds to 300 seconds.

yeah its ridiculous. latest patch did nothing to help with the queue times.

Just waited 1400 seconds in q for no game …

I waited 96 minutes so far in queue (5760s and counting) and no Storm League match.

Yesterday I had to wait 138 minutes for a match and someone disconnected before the draft even started. So I can’t even do my placement games.

I think the game has completely died off in ANZ, there are less than 10 players online in each MMR range.