Stop teaming with reported players

So I had this ranked game - where we had a deliberate afker. Everyone reported him.

Next match, we get him again. For him to troll again.

I feel like this shouldn’t happen. If 4 people all report ONE player on their team, and nothing happens, and they get pit with him next match, the system has failed.

Please fix.

There’s no one to fix anything. No devs.

But even if there would, I don’t think it’s a good system if 4 reports are enough to “ban” someone.
Nor if ppl cannot be matched with those they reported. Because false-reports exist and the MM couldn’t handle 10 ppl with different “I don’t want to play with him” preferences. Everyone would get matches harder, slower.


Agree with the above ^^

Though TBH I’d love to have a system like this. Just would need mega amount of players to make it work.

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Would be nice if it worked that way but it dont.

Could be used to try and manipulate matches.

To add to what others have said, the only way to avoid being matched again with a trolling player is to open an active whisper with them and wait for their status to be either “offline” or “in game”, that way you won’t be matched back to back.


The problem with a “Reporting a player means I don’t have to play with him again” system is that encourages people to report a player just because the didn’t play well enough for you to win, and not because they actually did something against the rules.


Depending on how many and for how long you can keep them ignored it would just mean the ignored players gets longer ques aswell. I get that people dont want to waste 20min of thier life playing with trolls but then that is why the report system need to step up and get ride of those faster. It should not take 6 years to get an e-mail telling you someone you reported 6 years ago finally got suspended.

But again what people on this forum wish for can only happen in a utopian world where this game works perfectly and have perfect amount of players and support.

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That’s what happened with the original Overwatch system. The best players couldn’t get into a game.

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This. And the only counterarguments you hear are “they would just be blocked from your team, not the opponent”.

That solves nothing, that still enables you to report very bad players so you can play against them on the enemy team to get easier rank points.

This game doesn’t have enough players for an option like this to ever exist (and since it failed in Overwatch, why would it ever work here?) because thanks to the low population, you are very likely to meet the same players all day.

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Just limit how many you can ignore. Being able to ignore 100 players on your server would do more harm then good for yourself. Then you wont have anyone to play with or againts if all of them are on ignore.

Or just do what I said in my ealier post. Ban afk/feeders and trolls faster. It should not take 6 years for Blizzard to tell you some random troll you reported back in 2015 finally got banned.

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The game is not dead because all the systems work perfectly…
How should the Blizzard devs know what you ask for, they are decoupled and think everything is fine as long as 10k people watch HGC.

I guess that wasn’t the case considering they pulled the plug on the HGC only a few years into its existence. I’m doubtful the Devs as you say, had anything to do with the running or implementation of the HGC.

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Yes it was the eSports team. But the devs provide the content and create the game for it.

That happened to me the other day, played SL and got a troll. During the draft phase 3 people preselected naz, tass and valeera, and I asked if I should heal or tank, the other one without a hero selected started being edgy right away, I asked valeera too if she would mind changing to a tank or heal so that I could fill the other role. Tass and Naz instalocked in the first round of picks and he selected rexx, valeera didn’t change so I picked a healer.

When the match starts Rexx says: so, no tank??? I was trying to remind him the many times I asked for that politely and he afk’ed in the hall of storms. We got a bot. 10 min later he reconnects just to complain and afk again but without disconnecting.

Of course we lost, and I told him how sad I found his behaviour. We reported him for afk-nonparticipation.

After the match he sent me a friend request. I declined. After that I got like 15 friend request more from different accounts (I suppose all of them would be him)

So… the report system means nothing when a person can have 15+ accounts.

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