Stitches CDR Math Error

Stitches has so much CDR on (Q) Hook it wraps back around and add more cooldown. Helping Hand reduces by 8 Seconds, Level 7 Serrated Edge reduces by 5 Seconds, Level 20 Master Hooker reduces by 5, for a total remaining Cool Down of -2 Seconds which results in Hook actually gaining a 2 second Cool Down when Used.

Base (16sec) - H. Hand (8sec) - lvl7 (5sec) - lvl20 (5sec) = -2sec

There should be a 0sec Cool Down.

Helping Hand reduces when you pull an ally, whereas Serrated Edge only reduces when you pull an enemy. So you can’t get both on the same hook.

You end up with 2 seconds because of level 20 + helping hand => 3 seconds, minus 1 second going by while the hook is in action.