Statistics winrate/KDA bug

According to my “bug” stats, i have 100% winrate on all characters except Brightwing. Thats 99.7% winrate. 29.3 KDA.

It says ive played 325 games, but in reality ive played thousands. Heck my account is 5 years old.

Something is bugged :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there LiTH,

Can you do me a favor and check the Game Types drop down on the Statistics page and see what you have selected? That might be filtering your statistics without you knowing!

That was the first thing i checked 1 month ago, but all game types were selected.

But when u wrote me, i login and check again just to be sure and now it was set to only AI games for some reason. So i guess bug was fixed some patches ago but left it on AI only. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feeling stupid now, should have checked that AGAIN before posting.