Some Skins that would make my day

I have been waiting for Li-ming to get a music themed skin since they had her on the art for the official soundtrack.

Why can’t we have that skin?

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My most wanted skins: (basically all lore based skins.)

Nerazim Artanis
Tal’darim Artanis
Tal’darim Zeratul
Purifier Zeratul
Tal’darim Tassadar
Nerazim Tassadar

Assimilated Stukov
Primal Abathur
Primal Zagara
Swarm Dehaka

Infested Raynor
Infested Morales
Infested Nova
Infested Hammer
Infested Blaze


I think some gender swaps could be nifty.
Stetmann Lt. Morales
Vorazun Zeratul
Aduin Whitemane
Antonidas Jaina
Liadrin Uther
and all of the Nephalim.

But Belial is nothing like Ragnaros if you look past a brief glance. His title alone should spell out why he’s not like Ragnaros: He’s the Lord of Lies. Smacking people in the face with a hammer is nothing like what he should be doing. (o_o)

Not to mention the sheer level of outrage when they did the same thing as Novamaker, but with a Diablo character, something everyone already complains about the lack of…

That also extends here. While I can’t fully argue that Stetmann and Vorazun could stand on their own(though that won’t stop me from trying, I’m just unsure of what I’d do to differentiate them personally), Anduin is easily capable of being unique from Whitemane(shameless plug to my concept?), Liadrin is easily capable of representing Prot. Pallys more accurately kit-wise than Yrel(Yrel’s good, just not what I imagine when I think Prot.), Antonidas would make more sense on his own, as he was never really associated with Frost Spec outside of Blizzard, and, well. The Nephalem have so much kit variety that making second versions of them skins would be a colossal waste of Diablo character potential. (o_o)

My slightly annoyed ranting aside, Idol Ming… How is that not a thing? I hadn’t thought of it before, but now I’m slightly upset that I haven’t. It’s like, perfect.

Vorazun isn’t Zeratul. She can be her own Hero. Her Scythe could lend itself to plenty of abilities and she has her Commander abilities to draw from.


Lots of fun ideas in this thread – it’s making my day!
Thanks for posting.


Popstar-Idol Li-Ming

I would love to see this


i still hope in some troll skin something like:

headhunter cassia
batrider falstad
troll witch doctor nazzebo
dire troll butcher
witch doctor dekhard

those are skins which i want (cassia the most) since there is no representative from darkspears could i get just skin while iam waiting on vol’jin/rokhan hero?



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Boo no love for Alarak!? Maybe I need a Nerazim Alarak

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But Belial uses his stagnant arms to hit things, it would take some minor character tweaking to make him swing with his arms. Plus him taking over a fort is awfully reminiscent of fighting him in the game. So it fits.

Also Belial/Raggy is similar to the Widowmaker, Nova nonsense but not nearly on the scale that that one is on. Belial is nowhere near as popular and desired as Widowmaker.

Raggy is difficult to make skins for, I get it. Belial is a suggestion that FITS, I’m not advocating for it like it’s bleeding perfect. I’m suggesting things so that we’ll get onto a different train of thought rather than just, “Ragnaros’ character design does not allow for skins.”

I don’t even want to conceive of the rage after Immortal if this was announced, just to start off with point A on why we shouldn’t ask for this.

I can get that you’re just wanting Ragnaros to get some skins, that’s all good and fine. But I can’t tell you how worried it makes me seeing such viable hero potential being constantly suggested as a skin. Enough push from fans and we can see something stupid, like, say, Reaper(Overwatch) as a skin for Valla.

You want some ideas for Ragnaros skins? Personally, I’m for the Cereal Lord(preferably with Blizzard’s second official cereal, Ragnar’os), but other amazing suggestions like, cheese, or chocolate, etc, or even water(much riskier given Neptulon, but, potentially an option nonetheless.). I just don’t want to see another case where a character gets turned into a skin for a kit that barely even fits them. (o_o)7

You’re right.

Templar Alarak
Nerazim Alarak
Purifier Alarak

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We need Lazytown Stephanie as an Orphea skin


I always thought that Alarak would be great with a more paladin-like skin; figured he could be part of the Space Lord universe, or as a Dranei. Different alignment, but same attitude.

Here’s my old thread on him:

Tal’Darim Artanis is something I would die for. Either that or corrupted by Amon Artanis

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I need new Anduin skin with his helmet on!

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These are all superb suggestions! :slight_smile:

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we need an accendent skin for alarak (accendent the unit from sc2 coop)

Another Protoss faction skin to potential add: Ihan-rii.

Ihan-rii Zeratul
Ihan-rii Tassadar
Ihan-rii Artanis
Ihan-rii Alarak
Ihan-… you get the idea :wink:

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