So you guys honestly think bliz will hear us out?


That is not what you said.
What you said was there is going to be no new content.
Which is it? Please make up your mind.

It’s hard to say anything without knowing what exactly the “development team” included in the post. Is that just the core designers/developers/artists? Does it include everyone who was working just on HGC? Including QA teams? Game engine teams?

Without knowing exactly how many people left, and it what roles, it is hard to say exactly how things will change.

All I know is I’ve heard that at least one member of the team is excited at the next set of content they have coming. And that there are at least two-dozen people in one of the teams that I would think is a smaller set of the total team working on HotS.

I’ll leave this here:


It was heartbreaking seeing some of their tweets like Casanova’s, then you have open division teams that made it just to see it canceled, open division teams that had been practicing together the past 5-6 months just to find out their time was wasted.

Idk the number of pros but Wolf tweeted this.


yeah. =/

And the suddenness of it is just so screwy. >=[


They specifically said there would still be new content.

But if you’re no longer playing I guess it’s not your problem. If you enjoy your new game then that’s all that matters.


What’s the space inbetween content updates called? “No contentupdate.”

Increasing that space and declining vital community-interaction such as E-sports is a deathsentence for HotS.

There will be guys still working on the game, but the promise of regular content is just PR-speak.
You can’t say that there will be no content anymore for such a game as everyone would run off.
What you can say though is that content will be lessened and with “untold” space of time inbetween updates.
Once the remaining developer-team pushes out the leftovers from the previous team, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


That’s not logical. Just concede the point.


Enjoy your dead game.


Man, DotA really died in 2008, the second year I played it.
Only 9 updates that were not just bug fixes.

Only 4 new heroes.

Oh, wait. DotA was still alive and kicking on bnet, with absolutely no talk of esports and professional scene and this in this in the probably thousand or so games I played that year.

Might be, might not be.

That remains to be seen. What we know is this seems VERY sudden. we still have no idea who is counted in the development team as they move people to other projects.

The fact that we have Blizzard saying a roadmap is coming with how things will change tells you how sudden it is.

I suspect we’ll see new maps/heroes/events come more slowly. With the rate of balance changes and such not changed. They might even come slightly faster due to not having to worry about such a high peak level of play.

I highly doubt it.
Maybe I’ll be wrong.


If you gave up on the game why are you still here?


Because the forums and the game are not the same thing.

Can’t believe even something as obvious as THAT is lost to some of you.


Well if we’re down to condescension in place of arguments. Good day sir.


You’re the kind of person that says everything is wrong or condescending when it disagrees with you i see, sad.


Hi Ya Captain, Abandon the ship before it s too late.


We are referring to this world, my minion.



I’ve long quit on the game nowadays, fully aware of the course Activision has decided on.

I just came back to see the reaction of the community as it has come to be announced officially.

Hope youre happy with the queue-times as they get longer and longer and matches bleed more and more quality as the present issues of HotS never get adressed.

The last bastion of the game will be the most die-hard, blind fanboys.
You’ll be there till the end.


I kind of wished i saw the signs sooner. I feel embarrassed not seeing it till now. Today was going to be a big day for me. Getting a hero to lv 200 with a single hero. I don’t even feel like I should even bother with that anymore. So good job Activation. three years down the tube with a single hero.


They don’t listen to players anymore, they only listen to the stockbrokers.


Problem is, HotS is only feeling the worst.

Compared to Blizzard’s other franchises, it has the most updates, most balancing, most updates on events, etc. In WoW everyone seems flustered that content is slow, and in Overwatch the feeling is the same. HotS seems like it’s the only franchise that has that feeling that the devs actually love the game. Overwatch feels like they care, and WoW feels sore, but HotS always seems to feel like that it’s loved.

Now blizzard is kicking the devs and players for no reason. They’re really disconnected, and it’s a huge shame. They’re pulling support from a game that is really a fun franchise.

I guess it’s just not that profitable…


This is why I loved this game so much. The idea of it always changing kept it from getting stale. Sure we had some stale times but what game does not have this issue from time to time? Now what are we going to expect in this game? 3 heroes a year now? 1 new map every two years? This was one of the most updated games by Blizzard. SC2 has not seen a massive update from the time LOTV came out.

I hope Activision sees what it has been doing. This is our time as a community to rise up, speak with our voices show them that this has been the last straw that was broken from all of us. Can’t even bring myself to even bring up the blizzard launcher now. Thanks Activation. I hope whatever gaming company rises to the top after all these failed things will understand that quality is much better than whatever you guys tried to pull off with this company.