So no new heroes?

I agree. I don’t need new heroes at the old rate. What I’d much prefer is that all heroes were equally viable. Reworks and balance changes are superior to new releases, IMO at least.




The “fact of the universe” at hand is apparently you’ve decided to not keep yourself informed, and then make an ingidnant topic cuz you dont’t pay attention.

Blue’s already made some posts thisnuear about the dev cycle changes, that there will be more events and heroes release and reworks between hero releases.

I’d daresay the biggest issue for Hots has been the playerbase and posters like yourself that feel entitled through ignorance and take easy offense when they’re not sated at every turn


Can you find the source of that? because I don’t remember anyone ever saying that.

And so far, we got the same content we used to have before (Actually more, because Winterveil lasted forever)


That’s because nobody said anything close to that. They never even said “maintenance mode”, that was a phrase created and parroted by doomsayers.

The only things they’ve said is that they’re still pushing to release plenty of content, and specifically saying that a new hero is near (while all but confirming Anduin is in development, if not next).


But I REALLY want my Rifleman :frowning: Or at least Reinhardt.

Well don’t worry, because they’re still releasing tonnes of heroes. If not today, maybe we’ll see Reinhardt at PAX or Gamescom or Blizzcon or in just a random patch. You never know.

in the blue posts since blizzcon the twonchoice words doomsayers have latched onto where pn thebcancelation of hgc “for long-term sustainability” of the game and the “different cadence” at the annoucement of the smaller dev staff.

The typical conparison is to diablo 3 where some say it the blue comments match the choice of words, but part of the difference being thay D3 didnt have an active costsink via manjor tournaments (as even LoL posts a loss for their event) nor did D3 retain a monitozation model for continued support of content for game.

plus a number of other blizz games arent doing well, so its easy to see how hots could be regulated to routine content creation while blizz scrambles to rescue other games and stabalize interests in their IPs again

To be fair, the announcement did give off some negative signals. That being said, the game is not abandoned and personally I don’t mind a slow down in new hero releases.

HOTS has a pretty good roster of heroes now, if they release fewer heroes that are well balanced on release and of course fun to play, I’m fine with that, quality over quantity and all that. They are also putting out hero reworks on a regular basis, I don’t find anything to complain about here.

We only got Imperius/Xmas Event and some other things because those things were basically ready to go live. We still have some content ready for 6 months.

I see a lot of people thinking that what Blizzard has said is just “there’s not HGC anymore”. That’s totally wrong. Game’s not profitable as they wanted it to be so they are moving devs to other projects that could make more money. Of course they won’t just shutdown the servers and call the game dead because there’s no need for that. There’s still people playing the game and they can have some devs make some things to make a little bit extra money from it.

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The only thing I see in there is them saying

the cadence will change.

It’s very different from what you said.

If they weren’t willing to invest in it, they would have simply shut it down. As they have to pay employees to keep it going, they have to keep the servers up, invest resources to creating content etc.

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Hero releases initialy were 4 weeks, they then slowed it down a bit so it became 6 weeks. But in the meantime the update frequency was reduced aswel to 2 weeks. So in the worst case this would become 12 weeks.

But my suspicion of the planned update system would be:

  • Week 2, new hero
  • Week 4, bugfixes + balance fixes on new hero
  • Week 6, reworks
  • Week 8 (or week 0), bugfixes + balance fixes on reworks
    And random balance fixes can appear in every update.

Which if this is the case seems to me as a quite fair rate for updates and hero releases. Im glad those slowed down a bit to allow heroes to be balanced more accurately (more time means more data, which allows more accurate fixes while using less resources). With the short release cycle, many heroes felt heavily OP and in some cases not well refined, which caused the major OP problems. And at the same time is also very likely the cause for the high rate of assassins, as those are simply easier to make.

And at the same time, with 2 week intervals, you are pushing less onto ‘release builds’ which simply just take a lot of time to make. Having less of these can save a lot of time. Since if such build takes 2 days to make (which is very normal, as 1 day is gathering the stuff/finishing those to become compatible. And the 2nd day is testing and fixing that build), it means you only have 3 days remaining for most other stuff. While in the new patterns that became 8 days. Essentialy allowing a reduction of the team by 2/3.
While at the same time, creativity generaly doesnt stop and ideas can still be given (even from other departments).
So from that point i dont see the issue.

Hotfixes can still exist after all, so if something goes realy bad, they can still quickly patch it. But hotfixes are generaly discouraged as they are very risky at introducing new problems.

As long as content however is still getting made at a fair speed its fine.

But the big problem was the way it was told to us. As developer you should NEVER tell to your community that you are putting a game on ‘life support’. Thats almost like committing suicide.

  • If players hear a game is on life support, they are less likely to spend money
  • And if they spend less, it gives even more of a reason to put a game on life support
  • And because of that, they are more likely to leave, and give negative feedback to potential players. Do you think a player would go into a game when they are being told “The dev said this game about to die, i wouldnt bother with it”
  • And this is a deadly spiral

While if you kept silent:

  • Players notice the reduced update rate, but arent entirely sure, but with a decent update rate are still kept happy. They kinda expect this to happen
  • And for that reason, they keep purchasing as they dont expect the game to die soon.
  • And players still invite new players to play the game

Yes, some might still notice the 2nd patterns, but thats not an issue after all. TF2 did this, and after 5 years of being on life support its still well alive as if it never realy happened. The only thing that degraded was the skill of players (as good players leave, while newer players still are being attracted).
And thats a game that never realy had a good competetive scene regarding price values.

Not as the next hero. They specifically said there were a few others ahead of the hero the community was speculating about at that time, which was Anduin as someone on Twitter “leaked” what looked like nothing more than a fan design.

Where in my statement did I say the next hero is Anduin?

Third sentence sweetie. When the OP is complaining about no next hero announced yet, and then you mention they’ve dropped hints about anduin, it’s implied you meant he was the next hero intended to be released. I was just clarifying they don’t plan on introducing him into the nexus until a few heroes from now.

if F2P games made less money than a $60 dollar game than it wouldn’t be F2P.

Now every 4 mount we have a new Hero,we had every 6 mount new Hero at past!!!
So good dream and hope.

Beware the Necro Post.

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Xul,you are Necromancer too,change is needed.

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Necro because of date or because of opposite post?(in relation to you).