So do we just let the game implode on itself or what?

Seriously, there’s a new troll springing up every week let alone the one that has deadset been trolling ranked for a few years now. Do we all just join in and troll the game until no one plays it anymore? Would the developers even care?


Darling, we all know this troll you speak of. At least 20 alt accounts? Check. Often starts said account in Masters and runs it to Bronze in a week? Check. Usually has the same username? Check. Has been doing this unpunished since Alpha? Check. All of his accounts still active? Check.

Darling never join the mob. I was unfortunate enough to be matched with said troll yesterday, considering how much damage he’s personally done and how long all queue times are now, I asked him why he bothers trolling now, isn’t his work done? He replied in draft saying “I’ll be finished when the game is dead”, a real class act.

I don’t know him…
I play on europe ~_~

Darling, you’re so fortunate, you live in Europe and you don’t have to play with this troll. You’re on a large server, chances are you don’t get matched with the same people game after game, we unfortunately do.

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That’s one of the trolls. A new one just sprung up recently with a name that doesn’t have much ‘logic’ that is being used to boost another account.

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I just played with that one darling, it said it was the same person as the infamous troll, so I think it’s yet another alt account. At any rate it’s destroyed the game for me, so I hope it’s happy.