Snow is visible. Rain and fog aren't

I’m playing on Low graphics, and while the snowy weather is visible just fine, foggy weather has no visual whatsoever, and rainy weather has the lightning strikes but no actual rain. I don’t know if fog is intended to have a visual effect, but I have seen what the rain is supposed to look like on Youtube videos.

Hey Zeal,

Just for the sake of having as much information as possible, could you possibly let me know which maps you saw (or rather DIDN’T see) the rain and fog, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Seems to be widespread.

I’ve played Hanamura, Tomb of the Spider Queen, and Warhead Junction. Also played Alterac Pass but the snow does show up there. It also works the same way in Try mode: visible snow, invisible rain and fog.

Tried creating custom games on the other maps real quick and the results are the same.

Thought I’d check if setting the graphics to High would make a difference. Not at first, but after restarting the game, I did get to see the rain. “Foggy weather” still looks the exact same as no weather though.