Reporting a Player - Not Effective, need help

I’ve tried contacting support to report a player, but there’s never a resolution, so I’m trying here. In the game HEROES OF THE STORM, I am user (Can give to staff upon request) on the Americas server. We were playing with a user called ORION who was playing NAZEEBO on the map CURSED HOLLOW 11/26/22 16:10 EDT.

The player was intentionally throwing the game through AFK. He would leave his computer untouched until he dropped, and then rejoin so that the AI could not support us. Any help removing this player would be greatly appreciated.

We really shouldn’t be stuck with players like this. Especially with such a small community now. :frowning:

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Agreed but sadly there are no support left. Only thing you can do is report the player with the ingame report system and then hope enough players report him so it triggeres the system and suspend him.


Coincidentally I had the same problem with a Nazeebo player yesterday in my ARAM game. He would just walk out into the enemy and die to the towers, respawn and do the same. This player claimed they were doing it to “stack their toad quest quickly” and two of us pointed out how blatantly false this statement was.

The problem was the other two players took the Nazeebo on this word. Nobody was grouped so they were not his friends. He died a total of 19 times in almost as many minutes. By this stage the two players accepted the Naz was trolling but said (paraphrasing) “Reports do nothing, the game is dead, I’m not going to bother to report.”

This attitude is a big part of the problem, people don’t report at all, or report someone like this Nazeebo for “Abusive Chat” instead of the correct category of “Intentionally Dying”, so he manages to slip through the system. It’s worth noting too that this Nazeebo had an account Level of over 1000 and yet still hasn’t received a ban.

The issue of under-reporting isn’t confined to my own anecdotal experience. Back when these forums had CS reps, they confirmed that players were far less often punished for AFK and Intentionally Dying as players under-reported for those offenses.

This is sadly how it ends when bans takes 6 years to finally hit someone. Even when game was full of players It still took them 6 years to tell me 25 people I reported in the past got banned. Meanwhile in LOL when you report someone for feeding he gets banned within 30 min I have heard.

Getting banned takes way too long in this game and that is why too many trolls/afk/feeders still play this game. Meanwhile the guy that want to play the game properly gets reported for abuse chat by sad trolls and gets silenced the day after.

So all in all abuse chat report option is the only real option left to report with since everything els takes way too long time to get a responce from.


This is why I think that no one should be banned until a CS rep reviews it. A fully automated system just means that you don’t even have to say anything bad and you’re eligible for a report because you typed in chat. Then when you submit a ticket to have it reviewed it gets denied by blizzard. Everyone knows that there are trolls in this game who can report anyone they want based on anything and because of this stupid “community decides” system you can get others punished for simply typing.

I always think its dumb that excuses are made for such a horrible system because they think “if you got banned, you deserved it” when it wasn’t and you were just reported by trolls. They use excuses like lack of devs and such but how is that anyone else’s fault but theirs? If they structured their game to better handle trolls and a report system that was more honest and punished people better based on what they are actually doing and whether or not they actually deserved it, the game would be better for everyone.

But no, we’re stuck with a game that allows you to make as many accounts as you want because its free and creating emails is free too. And on top of that you’re able to play ranked at level 50 which isn’t hard to do because of boosts and simply playing different heroes grants easy player level ups. In as little as a week or two people can troll in any mode again, while still being able to troll in qm and such right off the bat.

The only people who are probably more safe from trolls coming back are people in plat and above which is the minority of players. Its not hard to get to gold, not hard to reach silver, and definitely not hard to reach bronze. All those 3 leagues are also the most common place for trolls, feeders, afkers and toxic jerks. But sure, because someone in masters or diamond won’t have to deal with someone they report, the majority of the playerbase now has to deal with his smurf account.

Blizzard created this mess of a game due to their lack of intelligence in creating it and each issue with the game affects more than that area. Trolls never go away because people can create free accounts, the report system allows any player who types to get reported for abusive chat (even if the actual offense was simply typing or afk/feed or whatever), fully automated report system just means trolls can report others as well and get them banned (and trolls are highly likely to do that because that’s the kind of player they are), and there isn’t a review system where the devs can actually review the report and see if its ban worthy. They don’t have devs to do that because they were late to the moba party, didn’t have proper advertisement or monetization, and had lawsuits which made lots of employees leave the company and also caused this game to not be worth it financially.

People think its as simple as “you deserved the ban since you got banned” not realizing the bigger picture here. Imagine if the game was a pay to play game. Imagine if it took more than 50 player levels to jump into ranked. Imagine if the report system was better at identifying real problematic players in all types of report, as well as reviewing reports that are ticketed so that players don’t get punished for nothing. Imagine if they were faster at joining the moba party and advertised to make them money to sustain all of this stuff. I can almost guarantee that if blizzard did better in all these ways, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Reporting a player doesn’t mean they instantly get banned. It takes multiple reports. Shouldn’t be stuck with? These people will always be with us in life.

I agree. The game has gotten to the point where every single offense has to be reported under “Abusive Chat” to have any real effect, since rather than being human reviewed it stacks up automatically and the silences are applied automatically (though it requires the player has typed during the game, fortunately most trolls don’t know this)

It’s not a perfect solution, but if they get 3 mutes in a row they get permabanned so it does eventually get rid of the trolls. One mute/silence requires about 20-30 unique reports, when tested by players like Grubby years ago.

So to get one of these trolls permaremoved from HotS, roughly 100 people would need to report him/her for Abusive Chat over time.

The proper categories requiring human intervention like Intentional Feeding will never get rid of those players. Reporting by using these categories is practically pointless in 2023.