Replay Interface

These are gems:

The most common interface used during tournaments if I recall.

Used by CavalierGuest, the Oxygen CCL coach, to analyze in depth crucial information.

I found out that I had around 55 APM in a game as Yrel. The same goes for D.Va. I’m not much of a clicker. I hold LMB a lot. If I’m on Whitemane, it jumps to 105.
I remember Zhilai (Samuro main) getting 400 APM even while hitting minions during a tournament. That was funny.

What’s your APM on your favorite hero? Average it on 3 games.
Does your hero role affects it?

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Haha, never much cared about APM. I always rolled my eyes or got annoyed when pros would click 300 APM to build SCVs. I understand the rationale, blah blah, setting up a rhythm.

That being said, when I’ve invited my friends over, and they saw how fast I clicked, I understood that I actually did have some sort of talent compared to most people. I thought that was just normal. I’d like to think my clicking is deliberate and purposeful though. In a MOBA that doesn’t require building units and multitasking different prongs of attacks, that isn’t as important anyways.

EAPM could be calculated in SC2. That’s a valuable information.
Serral had 344 EAPM at some point. The early version of Alpha Star had 1500 EAPM, but it had to be tuned down.

I don’t really care about my APM in Hots, but I find it interesting nonetheless. It could be useful for TLV mains, so I’m putting it out there.

I really have a boomer APM.
That’s the first interface. Pressing Ctrl + 3 brings the APM UI at the bottom.

Depends on the hero. Tychus and jaina are my mains. I dont click much
But with any other heroesI click a lot
With valla its my highest clicks